‘Enormous scale!’ Martin Lewis warns of ‘eye-watering’ bill increases for Britons in weeks

Martin Lewis outlines rise in average UK household energy bills

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The money saving expert appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain today warning Britons about the “national crisis” to come as current predictions state the typical annual energy bill will be £4,266 by January 2023. He said: “This is a cataclysmic rise for households. Millions will simply not be able to afford it.”

To tackle the rising bills, he is expecting the Government to do more to help the millions of people who will struggle.

He said: “If we look at Liz Truss I cannot believe the only proposal will be tax cuts because many of the poorest, many state pensioners, many on Universal Credit don’t pay tax so it will not help them.

“They simple cannot afford this £2,000 a year or more odd year on year rise and getting rid of the green levy which was a sticking plaster on a gaping wound.

“The Green Levy is typical £150 off bills and we’re talking a rise of thousands of pounds on bills. She needs to come out and give us tangible promises of what will happen now.

“When I first came on the show talking about civil unrest people raised eyebrows but next time I came on there were 5,000 members of the don’t pay group on Twitter.

“There is now 100,000 people and we will have a mix of can’t pays and won’t pays that it is of enormous scale .

“This catastrophe is bubbling up and waiting until September 5 when the direct debits will have already gone up is not good enough.

He urged officials to warn candidates that on August 26 the nation are going to be told their energy bills are “skyrocketing into an eye-watering amount”.

 “You need to have action in place now!,” he said.

The money saving expert explained what the increase will mean for monthly bills.

Based on current predictions, which Mr Lewis said are “likely to be right,” for every £100 of direct debt someone pays, in October this will rise to £181.

By January, this is set to rise again to £215. The typical bill would be £4,266 a year.

Mr Lewis explained that many pensioner households could face more than this due to having the heating on longer.

He added: “That is 45 percent of the full new state pension and a bigger proportion of the old state pension.

“We’re not talking mortgages, we’re not talking rent, we’re talking energy bills.

“This is absolute catastrophic.”

Mr Lewis urged the Government to deal with this energy problem now and not wait until the crisis hits.

He continued: “When you know there is a crisis of magnificent proportion coming, you can’t just wait until a change of leadership comes. You start dealing with it now.

“It is awful what is coming.”

Good Morning Britain will continue tomorrow on ITV from 6am.

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