Elon Musk gets green light to trial 'mind-boggling' brain chips in HUMANS – and people are divided | The Sun

ELON Musk's brain chip company Neuralink has been approved by US regulators to undergo human trials, it announced last night.

Some say it marks a massive leap in technology for those with paralysis, while others have likened it to the hit near-future dystopian series Black Mirror.

The company, founded by the Tesla CEO in 2016, is developing a neural chip implant that could help disabled patients move and communicate again.

The Neuralink technology was previously tested on monkeys while waiting for FDA approval, shocking the world after tests showed one of the animals playing video game pong with its thoughts.

It's unclear when the first clinical study with a human will take place.

"Very brilliant & interesting project at its early stage. I really excited for this airdrop Its community is fast growing. This has definitely huge potential as well," one fascinated fan wrote on Twitter.


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Another said: "Absolutely insane. Future is coming."

Others can see how brain chips can be used for good – or not.

"Such potential for horrors and such potential for wonders has not been seen in one development since we started messing about with atomic energy," another onlooker said.

While people are aware of the potential for those with debilitating conditions, they say it's equal parts "terrifying".

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"Still not supporting, just not my cup of tea. However, interested in seeing what the outcome will be," one person tweeted.

Another said: "I see the good in this but also, it's terrifying. The government is drooling over this I'm sure."

Some haven't been able to move past the animal cruelty claims the company has faced.

However, some fear that these neural implants might be used for more than 'curing common illness' and for "controlling human beings" in a full-blown dystopian image of the future.

One Twitter user painted a satirical picture of what could be to come: "It is the year 2064. Your daughter is getting married today, you're trying to recall her birth.

"You just can't. You get a cerebral notification. Gotta watch the unskippable six-minute ad.

"Ah, f***. Your 50-year memory Super-Swag Heckin' Chonker Dogecoin subscription has expired."

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