‘Effective’ 25p homemade mix to banish ants from your garden

This Morning: Expert on how to 'banish ants for good'

While ants aren’t as destructive as other pests in the garden, ant nests can be unsightly and disturb the soil.

According to The Greenhouse People, there are a number of ways to control ants without harming plants, including baking soda.

They explained: “Baking soda is a super effective way to kill ants and is a relatively simple hack to use in your garden.  

“Ants aren’t likely to eat baking soda by itself, so create a mixture with equal parts sugar and baking soda. 

“The sugar will encourage the ants to eat it and take it back to the colony. 

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“Sprinkle this around the edges of your pots where you’ve noticed ants and in areas where there is a lot of ant traffic.”

Baking soda and icing sugar can be purchased for as little as £1 a pack, with this lasting at least four homemade mixes, costing just 25p to 50p per mix.

Icing sugar can also be mixed with salt to create a homemade ant deterrent if you don’t have access to baking soda.

The experts recommended using certain scents to “naturally deter” the pests too, including peppermint, citrus or cinnamon.

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They said: “A few drops of these essential oils added to a spray bottle of water will effectively repel your miniature pests. 

“If you have an infestation, consider adding a couple of drops of dishwashing soap which also kills ants.”

Spray around the plant generously in the evenings and in the morning, follow up with some fresh water to remove any soap residue. 

The pros continued: “Once ants have made their nests in your pot plants, it can be tricky to get rid of them.  

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“One of the simplest ways to get rid of entire nests is by replenishing the soil in your pot plant. This works particularly well if the plant is small enough to be handled. 

“Carefully remove the plant from the pot and brush away all the soil. You can also use water to ensure you’ve removed all the white ant eggs.  

“Once the soil is fresh, you can work on deterring ants from nesting in your pots again. Ants don’t like moist soil, so keeping potted plants moist will help deter ants from creating a nest.”

If you have aphids in the garden living on plants, chances are there will be ants living nearby.

This is because aphids create a substance called honeydew, which ants love to eat and actively search the garden for.

Getting rid of these pests on plants will likely reduce how much the pests are interested in your garden.

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