Dyson reveals surprising way to deep clean your home this Spring

Dyson, a popular hoover brand has revealed a cleaning plan to keep your home sparkling clean this season. The coronavirus lockdown means that Britons are being urged to stay indoors as much as possible as the UK continues its lockdown. A lot more people have turned to cleaning their homes in order to keep the home virus free and to keep busy with their spare time. What is the best way to keep your home clean this Spring?


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Last month, the government issued a lockdown which meant that Britons are only able to leave their home for essential reasons and must stay indoors as much as possible.

This is one of the measures taken to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

With many people more time indoors, people have used their spare time to clean their homes.

The coronavirus can survive on different platforms and so keeping the house clean is more important than ever.

Research by the World House Organisation has found that we spend around 90 percent of our time indoors.

Spending time indoors gives the opportunity for house dust mites to grow.

They feed on mould, as well as animal and human skin flakes.

They tend to be found in items like bedding, mattresses, sofas and carpets.

Gem McLuckie, Advanced Research Scientist in Microbiology at Dyson said: “All of our research has shown that the best way to deal with bacteria, pollen and dust mite allergens is to remove them from your home completely.”

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Here are Dyson’s tops on what you can do to give your home a deep clean and to remove dust completely.

Vacuum mattresses
A mattress should be cleaned on a regular basis to remove dust mite allergen and skin flakes which dust mites might feed on. Gem advises to vacuum both sides of the mattress with an advanced filtration to prevent the allergen being placed back into the room by exhaust air.

Wash bedding on a hot wash
The hotter the wash, the better it will destroy allergens. Washing bedding on a 60 degree of 90 degree wash will help break down allergen (proteins) and reduce the amount to cause allergies.

Wash or replace duvets and pillows
This can help reduce the amount of dust mite allergen and skin flakes present in your bed.


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Remove dust from kitchen cupboard tops
This is an often overlooked or forgotten about place but dust collects here and can be displaced into the kitchen air. Dyson recommends to clean this area using a clean damp cloth or cleaning wipes to trap the dust.

Dust with a damp cloth
Dusting with a clean damp cloth will trap all the dust. Or use a vacuum with an advanced filtration system which also collects and traps the dust. A vacuum cleaner with different attachments and suction is ideal for dust around the home.

Vacuum your home after dusting
This ensures that all the dust that has fallen onto the floor, gets vacuumed away. This makes sure it is not redistributed around the home by normal activity.

Move furniture
People tend to just clean the bits that can be seen. However moving furniture to vacuum ensures that all the dust is picked up and dust accumulates under furniture very quickly.

Vacuum sofas and chairs regularly
This is often an item that people forget needs to be vacuumed regularly. Sofas and armchairs are breeding grounds for dust mites, skin flakes and other allergens like pollen and food.

Clean the curtains
A lot of dust can gather in curtains and blinds. They need to be cleaned often by vacuuming or washing them if possible and practical. Walls are also another area of the house that need to be cleaned using a damp cloth.

Dust light fixtures
A lot of dust can gather in lampshades and light fixtures. A lot of dust can gather in lampshades and light fittings which can burn on hot bulbs producing VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Odour can also be moved around the room by the production of warm air around the bulbs.

Dust behind radiators
Radiators are another place which accumulate a lot of dust and can often be a tricky place to reach. Using an attachment on a hoover will make it easier to clean. Radiators are not hot enough to prevent bacteria growing and surviving.

Empty the fridge and freezer
Cleaning all the surfaces and compartments in these areas can have many benefits. Hoovering around the back and under of the fridge and freezer will not only clean them, it will also increase performance.

Clean bedroom storage
This includes cleaning any cupboards, wardrobes and drawers which may be in the bedroom. This place is rarely cleaned which gives the opportunity for dust to grow and accumulate on clothes, even if the drawer or doors are shut.

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