DWP update: Britons with long-covid owed £608 a month in Personal Independence Payment

Personal Independence Payment: Advice on how to claim

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Two million people could have Long Covid in the UK which is when Coronavirus symptoms last for 12 weeks or more. These Britons could be eligible for PIP payments of up to £608 a month to help them meet the cost of living.

People can make a claim if Covid has made a previous disability or condition worse.

These payments are not means tested, so income and savings will not affect a person’s claim.

There are two parts to PIP – the first part is the daily living component, set at either £60.00 or £89.60 per week.

The weekly sum for the mobility part is either £23.70 or £62.55, so Britons who qualify for both parts will get £608 a month.

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Long Covid symptoms include tiredness, shortness of breath, chest pain or tightness and problems with memory and concentration.

Other problems which could affect someone’s ability to return to everyday life are difficulty sleeping, heart palpitations, dizziness pins and needles, joint pain and depression and anxiety.

Lesser known problems that can linger for 12 weeks are earache, feeling sick, diarrhoea, stomach aches, loss of appetite, headaches and rashes.

These symptoms will need to be assessed by an independent healthcare professional to help the DWP work out how much an applicant could be entitled to.

Other conditions that could qualify for PIP include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety disorders and panic disorder as well as more obvious physical conditions.

There’s a full list of the 19 conditions that typically qualify on the Government website.

Campaigners say people should be checking their benefit entitlement at least every six months.

State benefits like PIP and Universal Credit are gateway benefits that allow Britons to get other things for free.

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What other benefits can PIP claimants get for free?

  • Disabled Facilities Grant (up to £30,000)
  • Free or reduced council tax bills
  • Capped water bills
  • Half price bus or rail fares
  • Motability scheme
  • £140 Warm Home Discount Scheme
  • Cold Weather Payments
  • Blue badge in England and Wales
  • Vehicle tax discount of up to 100 percent
  • Free prescriptions (depending on illness)

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