DeSantis knocks Biden for ‘obsession’ with COVID mandates while Afghanistan, border ‘burn’

DeSantis slams Biden: ‘We’re in for a rocky 3.5 years’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis criticizes the president’s handle on foreign relations.

President Biden cannot give pushing coronavirus restrictions a rest even while Afghanistan falls in his wake, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis argued on “Hannity.”

During Biden’s address Wednesday, the president neglected to acknowledge the current events unfolding in the Middle East and instead attacked state leaders like DeSantis for refusing to enforce mask mandates for children in schools.

“While you have all this stuff going on with Afghanistan, obviously all of the stuff at the southern border… one of the biggest border disasters in the history of our country, inflation, gas prices, and what does he do? He is obsessed with having the government force kindergarteners to wear masks all day in school,” the governor said. 

DeSantis explained that Biden is more concerned with the federal government forcing masks in Florida schools and overruling parents instead of putting out foreign fires. 

“You got to wonder: Where are your priorities that you’re so obsessed with this issue and so obsessed with taking away parents’ rights?” he asked. “And you’re letting Afghanistan burn, our border burn and so many other things in our country fall to pieces.”

The governor faulted the president for being “asleep at the switch” in terms of his approach to withdrawing the U.S. from Afghanistan. DeSantis said he agrees it was always necessary to bring the troops home but Biden’s swift action should have been better thought out.

“When you’re leaving thousands of Americans to fend for themselves behind enemy lines, that matters,” he said. “When you’re leaving billions of dollars in military equipment for our enemies to just take, that matters.”

Not only will Biden’s policy cause disaster in Kabul and throughout Afghanistan, but DeSantis pointed out that other global adversaries like China, Russia, and North Korea are looking on and identifying weakness from the U.S. commander in chief.

“They see that this is not somebody who’s capable of leading with conviction and leading on the world stage,” he said. “So they are going to do everything they can, as long as he’s president, to take advantage of that and I think we’re in for a rocky 3.5 years.”

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