‘Definitely helps’: Lynsey Crombie shares ‘best way’ to properly banish limescale

Lynsey Crombie provides advice on removing limescale

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Lynsey, who is known for her natural cleaning methods, appeared on ITV’s This Morning on Friday to share her cleaning tips for getting rid of limescale. From tackling limescale taps to shower screens, the Queen of Clean has shared how cleaning fans can get the best results from their spring clean.

The expert came on the show to answer viewers’ bank holiday cleaning dilemmas, one of which was how to get rid of limescale.

A viewer said: “The hard water in my area is a nightmare. Limescale is the bane of my life.”

Lynsey explained that limescale is a “really common” issue that many homeowners deal with.

She said: “This is really common and the best solution I’ve got for you if it’s on the end of your taps or if it’s around your bath, just use good old-fashioned white vinegar.

“If you’ve got a piece of kitchen roll, spray it really liberally with the vinegar and then just wrap that round the end of your tap or your bath.”

This hack can also be used for shower screens that are ridden with limescale.

Lynsey said: “Use it on your shower screen if your shower screen is suffering. It’s really good to use on that.

“It’s an inexpensive product and can be used for other cleaning jobs around the home.”

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Limescale is made of calcium carbonate and the acid in vinegar is what breaks it down.

White vinegar can be purchased from Asda for as littles as 29p.

Sometimes the smell of white vinegar can put Britons off using it to clean areas around their home, however Lynsey explained that this shouldn’t be the case.

She said: “Don’t worry too much about the smell of the vinegar, it will disperse very quickly.”

For areas where the limescale is really bad, the Queen of Clean suggested leaving the white vinegar to soak for an extended period.

Lynsey said: “If it is quite bad, leave it on for a good 15 to 20 minutes before you rinse it.

“Don’t spray and go. Spray and leave the product to actually work and that should definitely help you out.”

If areas where limescale builds up are cleaned regularly, it makes the task far easier.

Tap should be descaled at least once a month for optimal results and performance.

Those who are still not keen on using white vinegar to remove limescale can always opt to use lemons or lemon juice.

To tackle hard to reach limescale around taps, cut a lemon into small wedges and use them to gently rub onto the chalky patches.

The citric acid in the lemon juice will help to dislodge the calcium and magnesium residue while the pressure of the lemon wedge will remove physical clusters of yellow-hued limescale.

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