Dangerous DIY: FOUR household jobs you shouldn’t try when home alone

Dick Strawbridge shares tips for planning a DIY project

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People usually leave most of their chores for the weekend when they have time to tend to dimmed lightbulbs or tidy cluttered rooms. Most of them require a little elbow grease and the odd chemical for grimy surfaces. But sometimes, people might bite off a little more than they can chew, which could prove life-threatening.

Which jobs should people avoid at home?

Some jobs may appear, on the surface, not to require too much expertise, making them ideal targets for DIY fans.

But they won’t always understand the hidden dangers that sometimes come with even the most seemingly straightforward jobs.

Max Wall, managing director with DIY firm My Odd Job Guys, told Express.co.uk which jobs people shouldn’t touch without protection or assistance.

Heavy lifting

Anyone unaccustomed to hefting around heavy objects may end up injuring themselves if they attempt to at home.

Mr Wall said people shouldn’t try heavy lifting alone but added a professional isn’t always necessary.

He said: “I’d advise carrying heavy equipment in pairs rather than alone if possible.”


Changing lightbulbs is where most people’s dabbling with electricity in the home should end.

People looking to accomplish more significant jobs “must be qualified”, according to Mr Wall.

He said even certified electricians should “know the layout of the internal and externals of the building, as to not drill through any live wires.”

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Gas and plumbing

Those considering a DIY plumbing or gas job should also urgently reconsider.

Again, said Mr wall, they need certification and should recruit someone to give them a hand.

Meddling with plumbing can lead to costly water or waste damage, while attending gas pipes or containers could pose a real risk of death.


Decorating is one household chore most people tackle when moving into a new home that comes with its own dangers.

Mr Wall said: “When painting, especially at height, industry-standard ladders should be used at all times, with makeshift wooden steps commonplace in homes and very dangerous.

“It may seem like a simple task, but even when painting, it is important to have someone on hand, in case of emergency, as falling from a height could end in serious injury.”

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