Cold Weather Payments finally triggered – Are you eligible and how much can you get?

Cold Weather Payments: Guide to government-run scheme

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With people starting to receive their first Cold Weather Payment of the year, many are wondering if they are eligible and how much they can get. The Cold Weather Payment is a grant paid by the Government to pensioners and those on certain benefits to assist in paying for their heating costs.

However, the sum of money is only given when temperatures hit zero and below in their local area/postcode.

Those who are eligible will receive £25 for every seven-day period they experience cold weather which reaches such extremes.

To be able to claim this amount of money, those who are eligible need to experience these conditions between November 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022.

Earlier this week, two weather stations detected the dropping temperatures for Aviemore and Braemar Scotland.

The postcodes which were triggered last week were:

  • AB35
  • AB36
  • PH10
  • PH11
  • PH18
  • AB37
  • IV13
  • PH19

Other postcodes include:

  • PH20
  • PH21
  • PH22
  • PH23
  • PH24
  • PH25
  • PH26

However, critics have said the social security benefits aimed at tackling fuel poverty do not go far enough in helping Britons pay for their heating bill.

Ian Browne, a Retirement Planning Expert at Quilter, explained why benefits, such as the Cold Weather Payment should be raised for claimants.

Mr Browne said: “The Government’s refusal to increase any of the social security payments for pensioners such as the Winter Fuel Payment, Cold Weather payment, or the Warm Homes discount will come as a huge blow to millions across the UK.

“This will further add to pensioner’s anger at the government after it downgraded the triple lock causing them to miss out on a potential eight percent increase in state pension payments.

“Age UK estimates that £2.2billion of Pension Credit and housing benefits goes unclaimed by older people but these benefits are a lifeline for many and against a backdrop of increasing energy bills, rising inflation and winter looming it would have been high time to increase these payments.

“These winter social security payments are designed to help the most vulnerable pensioners in society get through the cold months.

“Unlike the state pension, they are not increased annually, however against a backdrop of jumps in fuel prices the time is ripe for them to be raised.

“Take the Winter Fuel Payment for example which has not changed since 2011 and is currently one annual payment of £200 if you are under 80 and £300 if you are over 80.

“These benefits are too important to be ignored and shouldn’t suffer the same fate as the Christmas bonus which has been stuck at £10 since 1972.”

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