CNN's Brooke Baldwin praises Biden during Kenosha visit: He's trying to fight for 'the soul of this nation'

Biden meets with Jacob Blake’s family in Wisconsin, days after Trump visit

The Democratic nominee Joe Biden is meeting with community leaders in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the location where a police officer shot Jacob Blake in the back seven times; Peter Doocy reports.

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin raised some eyebrows when she showered Joe Biden with praise on Thursday during his visit to Kenosha.

Following President Trump's visit to the Wisconsin town on Tuesday with law enforcement and business owners affected by violent protests, Biden met with community leaders as well as the family of Jacob Blake, the Black man who was shot by police amid an altercation that sparked the civil unrest.

Cutting away from Biden's community meeting with Kenosha locals, Baldwin appeared to express admiration for the former VP's efforts to unite the country.

"You can hear him addressing, you know, point by point by point on his notes, you know, just questions, concerns from folks there who have been able to speak up about their children and education and mental health and the prison system," Baldwin began.

The CNN anchor then mentioned how Biden referred to the events that took place in Charlottesville in 2017, when the Democratic nominee repeatedly said what inspired his presidential run.

"When Joe Biden announced that he wanted to run for president, what did he say? He wants to fight for the soul of this nation and that is precisely what he is trying to do in making his case to become the next president of the United States," Baldwin said.

Critics slammed Baldwin's fawning remarks for the Democratic candidate on social media.

"Fine piece of Biden surrogacy here from CNN's Brooke Baldwin," Media Research Center Latino director Jorge Bonilla reacted.

"This could have been a riff from one of the nightly hosts at the Democratic convention," National Review editor Rich Lowry said.

"Damn, @BrookeBCNN, you should announce your plans to leave @CNN and take a job in a Biden administration now. Would feel good to get it out of the way early," radio host Derek Hunter told the anchor.

Baldwin is in good company among other CNN anchors who have complimented the Democrat. Earlier this week her colleague Don Lemon praised Biden for condemning the riots after previously urging the candidate to do so.


"Joe Biden put [Trump] on his heels today," Lemon gloated on Tuesday.

Lemon accused Trump of wanting to "terrify" Americans into voting for him in November, downplaying the riots as being in "a couple of city blocks," not the "entire city."

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