CNN panned for devoting more airtime to Nick Sandmann 'smile' than teens charged in death of UberEats driver

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CNN’s lack of coverage of last week’s deadly carjacking of a Washington D.C. UberEats driver by two teenagers stands in stark contrast to the scores of headlines and hours of airtime devoted to Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann’s viral grin at the 2019 March for Our Lives rally, critics observed Wednesday.

Twitter users called out the network for paying scant attention to the death of 66-year-old Mohammad Anwar, who D.C. police say was victimized by a 13-year-old and a 15-year-old girl.

“More media outrage over the Covington kid smiling or not smiling than the two teenage girls who killed a man during a carjacking,” policy analyst Erielle Davidson wrote Wednesday.

Another user attributed the inconsistent coverage to a belief that “the media’s religious doctrine cannot be infringed upon, so they embellish any story that reinforces their dogma and downplay stories that refute it.”

Sandmann was swept up in controversy after a video clip depicted the “MAGA” hat-wearing student smiling at Nathan Phillips, who chanted and beat a drum as he was surrounded by Sandmann’s peers, who joined in on the chant in front of the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. 

The teen ultimately reached a multimillion-dollar settlement with CNN and The Washington Post over their portrayal of the teens as racially motivated aggressors before additional footage showed that a group of Black Hebrew Israelites had provoked the confrontation.

Sandmann’s treatment resurfaced on social media this week after the two girls were charged with murder in connection to the March 23 death of Anwar, who was reportedly attacked with a Taser as the teens sought to take control of his vehicle. The girls allegedly crashed the car while struggling to control it and Anwar’s body was ejected from the vehciel and landed on the sidewalk.

A video of the carjacking attempt was shared on social media, collecting more than eight million views. 

Despite the gruesome images and wide interest in the story, CNN made little time to mention it on their airwaves, and even appeared to deny the facts of the matter in a tweet that called the deadly crime an “accident” rather than an alleged murder. 

“Police said the girls, 13 and 15, assaulted an Uber Eats driver with a Taser while carjacking him, which led to an accident in which he was fatally injured,” CNN wrote in the tweet. 

“Two girls murdered a man after carjacking him. Fixed it for you,” one Twitter user responded.


“They murdered him. The teens murdered the driver. You are allowed to say that,” another user wrote. 

“CNN is run by apologists for brutality,” Fox News host Greg Gutfeld added.

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