CNBC's Jim Cramer doubles down on belief that government has the 'right' to force citizens to obey vax-mandate

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In media news today, a Huffington Post reporter says Manchin called him ‘bulls—‘ CNBC’s Jim Cramer gets slammed for claiming government ‘has a right’ to force people to obey it, and longtime ex-CNN producer John Griffin had marital trouble prior to his arrest.

CNBC host Jim Cramer returned to Twitter on Thursday, doubling down on his controversial take on how the government has the “right” to force citizens to obey in regard to getting vaccinated against the coronavirus. 

Cramer received fierce backlash on Wednesday for arguing that the government “has a right” to force citizens to obey it after criticizing Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for rejecting coronavirus vaccine mandates.

“Government has a right to force you to obey and has always exercised it especially under GOP,” Cramer wrote on Twitter.


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Cramer responded to his critics by claiming that he doesn’t have a “pro-vax stand” but that he is only trying to keep people healthy, and anyone who disagrees is “anti-healthy” and “would have been pro-polio.”

“I am getting people furious of my pro-vax stand. I don’t have a pro-vax stand, i have a stand to keep people healthy. You are anti- healthy if you are against me. YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN PRO –POLIO,” Cramer tweeted on Thursday. 

Cramer previously referenced polio vaccinations in his criticism against Cruz on Wednesday. 

“I listen to [Senator] Cruz and i wonder what he thinks about the idea that General Eisenhower thought the nation had to beat an illness. Does he take this stand because he doesn’t want our country to be strong under a Democrat? Cause it won’t be,” Cramer wrote.

Demonstrators gather during a protest against the New York City COVID-19 vaccine mandate outside Gracie Mansion in New York, U.S., on Thursday, Oct. 28, 2021. Photographer: Stephanie Keith/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Critics continued to slam Cramer for doubling down and what some considered another “stupid” take.

Grabien founder Tom Elliott tweeted, “surely you’re not this stupid.”

“‘Pro-polio’ has to be the best straw man argument of 2021 against people who are anti-mandate,” conservative radio host Tony Katz said. “Amazing. Like @paulkrugman ‘inflation hurts the poor?’ level amazing.”

“I always find the ALL CAPS approach to social media to be the most persuasive,” libertarian activist Matt Kibble wrote. 

Lurie Children’s hospital registered nurse Carolyn Ruyle prepares a dose of a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at Lurie Children’s hospital Friday, Nov. 5, 2021, in Chicago. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh) 
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