Child Benefit UK: Warning as your payment could be halted due to this reason

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Child Benefit is available to people responsible for raising a child either under the age of 16, or under 20 if they remain in approved education or training. Child Benefit is usually paid every four weeks to help cover the cost of living for many households. It is overseen by HMRC and the Child Benefit Office who are responsible for ensuring Britons receive the right amount at the correct time.

There are, at present, two different Child Benefit rates it is important for families to keep note of.

How much a person receives is ultimately based on who the allowance is intended for.

Current rules state the eldest or only child within a family will receive £21.05 per week.

For any additional children, the benefit amount stands at £13.95 per week. 

Anyone who is receiving Child Benefit from HMRC must tell the Child Benefit Office about any changes, or payments which are out of the ordinary.

Particularly, the government states people should reach out if they are paid too much or too little in Child Benefit. 

If a person does not do so, they may not get all they money to which they are entitled, or they could be overpaid and have to pay HMRC back. 

However, there is one particular issue Britons should definitely bear in mind concerning Child Benefit.

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This could stop payments in their entirety, so it is vital this is borne in mind.

The government website stresses: “If you do not report a change to your address, and the Child Benefit Office is not able to contact you, your payments will stop.”

There are a number of life changes to bear in mind which must be reported to the Child Benefit Office. 

Specifically, parents and guardians should inform the government if their child’s circumstances have changed.

Child Benefit traditionally comes to an end on August 31 – an important issue to bear in mind this month – on or after a child’s 16th birthday if they leave approved education or training.

Therefore, people must inform the Child Benefit Office as soon as possible if a child leaves or stays in education or training. 

There is also a full list of circumstantial changes which are outlined on the government’s website.

Thankfully, these changes can be reported in a number of ways to suit a person’s individual circumstances.

Parents and guardians can use the online form on the government’s website to let the Child Benefit Office know their circumstances.

If this is not a suitable option, then Britons can also call or write to the office to report the changes. 

There is currently no limit as to how many children an individual can claim for under the Child Benefit system.

However, it is important to note only one person is able to claim Child Benefit for a particular child. 

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