‘Cheap as chips!’ Mrs Hinch fans share one ‘brilliant’ thing you need to descale kettle

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Mrs Hinch is a cleaning influencer with over four million Instagram followers. She rose to fame by posting tidying and cleaning tips and tricks on social media.

Now, fans of Mrs Hinch have created their own social media pages in her honour.

On one such Facebook page, over 100,000 members share cleaning advice with one another.

Yesterday, one Mrs Hinch fan wanted to know how to get rid of the limescale in her kettle.

She asked for advice on how to do the cleaning task using natural products, not chemical ones.

The cleaning enthusiast wrote: “Any home methods how to descale my kettle without having to go out and get anything?”

The post garnered over a hundred comments and, fortunately, there was a plethora of tips and tricks on how to descale a kettle.

However, one piece of advice stood out from the rest.

Many Mrs Hinch fans recommended just one product to do the job: lemon.

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One person wrote: “Sliced lemon, boil, and leave overnight.”

Another person commented: “Lemon juice. Same with microwave. The lemon juice in the yellow bottle at the supermarket. Pour a little in, fill with water, then boil. Repeat if necessary. Rinse out. Boil kettle and enjoy a cuppa.”

Another person agreed. They said: “Boil a lemon into it.”

One person added: “Citric acid is brilliant and it’s not harmful to anybody as it’s used with steam sterilisers. You can get it in most chemists or Asda and Tesco.”

Another person said: “Lemon juice – cheap as chips.”

One person wrote: “Lemon juice for an hour or so – enough to cover the bottom. Then wash out a couple of times. Much better than smelly chemicals!”

Other Mrs Hinch fans recommended using vinegar or baking soda to descale a kettle.

One person commented: “Vinegar, straight in and boil. Rinse three to four times. Put vinegar into basin, put shower hose in and descale that too, with boiling vinegar.”

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One person said: “Just fill with water add vinegar and leave it a few hours. Or if really thick limescale, just neat vinegar. No need to boil it.”

Another person simply wrote: “White vinegar and baking soda.”

Some cleaning enthusiasts advised using something completely different.

One person said: “Coca cola.”

Meanwhile, another person commented: “Metal pan scrub, throw it in kettle, add water and boil.”

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