Cancer survivor urges people not to rule out life insurance – ‘you may still be eligible’

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Life insurance policies often come with a number of criteria which have to be met for providers to offer coverage. In many circumstances, pre-existing conditions can exclude many from obtaining the plan they seek. This was the case for Jacqui Morgan, 54, a brave breast cancer survivor who was rejected by a number of companies.

Jacqui did not drink, followed a vegan diet and practiced yoga several times a week, and so her diagnosis at the age of 50, following a routine mammogram, was shocking. 

But she had cancelled her previous life insurance policy due to unforeseen circumstances, meaning she had no coverage.

Fortunately, Jacqui responded well to treatment, however, her priority was to ensure her 26-year-old daughter would be provided for should her cancer return.

However, she hit a brick wall when many providers informed her she would not be able to obtain coverage due to her medical history. 

As breast cancer is the biggest cause of cancer deaths in women aged 35-49, with one in nine women affected in their lifetime, this is likely to be a significant issue for many Britons.

It was not, though, the end of the road for seeking a life insurance policy, as one firm, The Insurance Surgery, was able to provide further assistance.

The organisation specialises in sourcing coverage for those with pre-existing medical conditions, and enabled Jacqui to become covered with the Guardian – for life only cover.

Jacqui said: “It’s given me huge peace of mind and taken away so much stress to know that if anything should happen to me, then my daughter will be okay as she’d receive a payout of £150,000.

“I can enjoy myself now, I’ve even got a new found confidence in life!”

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It is worth noting pre-existing medical conditions can not only affect whether a person gets coverage, but also the premiums they pay.

But it is vital to be upfront with providers about medical conditions, as failing to do so could mean a provider will refuse to pay out later down the line.

The fact Britons can still get coverage if they have pre-existing conditions is likely to be good news for those looking around for a deal. 

Tom Horton, managing director at The Insurance Surgery, commented on the challenging situation many Britons are facing.

He said: “For 20 years we have been helping customers with pre-existing conditions to get cover in place when they have struggled through other avenues.

“There is often a preconception that if you have a pre-existing condition then acquiring life insurance is likely to be an expensive, long, drawn out process or even that it can’t be acquired at all.

“But we believe life insurance should be available to everyone, no matter what their pre-existing condition might be.”

The Money Advice Service has said there are various considerations to bear in mind before starting a life insurance agreement.

Firstly, the policy is most suitable for those who have dependents, such as a spouse or children who will need support if a person were to pass away.

Next, it is important to consider the cost of a policy – often dependent on a person’s age and health status.

As premiums vary, the government-backed service advises people to shop around to see which policies will best suit them.

Finally, people should check if they already have some sort of cover.

Some employers offer ‘death in service’ benefits which cover a person for a multiple of their salary.

It therefore may be the case that certain Britons do not need to take out additional life insurance coverage. 

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