Can I get fined for driving over a mini-roundabout?

IT can be tempting to drive over a mini-roundabout, especially when you're in a rush, but this is risky business.

Mini-roundabouts must be treated the same as normal roundabouts, which means driving over them could lead to a fine.

Can I get fined for driving over a mini-roundabout?

Yes, unfortunately it is possible to be prosecuted and fined for driving over a mini-roundabout.

The law states that drivers of vehicles that are able to manoeuvre around the central island can be punished if they drive across it.

This applies to flat, painted mini-roundabouts as well as raised ones.

However, the law does make allowances for vehicles that are "physically incapable" of getting around the central island, such as vans and lorries.

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As well as this, it is also an offence to ignore traffic signs so failing to comply with signs by driving over a mini-roundabout could land you in even more trouble.

A fixed penalty notice will be between £50 and £300 depending on the severity and can sometimes carry penalty points, although driving over a mini-roundabout is usually not seen as a severe offence.

Who has priority at a mini-roundabout?

Just like with a normal roundabout, priority is given to vehicles on your right.

This is always the case unless signs, road markings or traffic lights direct you to do something else.

Sometimes, road markings will allow you to proceeding without giving way, but you should still always look to your right first just in case.

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What are the rules for mini-roundabouts?

The rules for mini-roundabouts are the same as normal roundabouts.

However, when driving around mini-roundabouts there is less room to manoeuvre so extra care must be taken.

The Highway Code states that when approaching a roundabout you should use the mirror-signal-manoeuvre process and adjust your speed depending on the traffic around you.

When taking the first exit, you should signal left but otherwise, you should signal right.

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It is important to watch out for pedestrians crossing the approach and exit roads as endangering pedestrians is a serious offence.

If you are faced with a double mini-roundabout, or a set of mini-roundabouts, you should treat each roundabout separately and continue to give way to traffic coming from your right for each.

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