Call of Duty Warzone Gulag tips and tricks – Activision reveals best way to win EVERY match-up

TRYING to dominate in Warzone, but keep being sent to the Gulag? There are plenty of tips and tricks to earn a return to the battlefield.

Activision – the gaming giant behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – has revealed its top pointers for crushing your enemies in the Gulag.

To win in this 1v1 setting you’ll want to keep a few essential tips in mind to ensure you are victorious and get a second chance to re-join your teammates in the Warzone.

Here are a few pointers to give you that winning edge:

1. Know your loadouts

Both you and your enemy’s loadouts will be the same, so having familiarity with every weapon in the game is an incredible advantage to have for the Gulag.

A special mention should be made to two equipment pieces; the Throwing Knife and Stim.

The Throwing Knife can be used immediately after spawning in, so you may be able to get an unexpected swift kill on an enemy. As for Stim, it’s the only way you can gain health while fighting in the Gulag, so it could just save your life.

2. Be aware of your health

In a single-life game mode such as this, rushing forward with reckless abandon may not be the best strategy. That’s not to say aggressive play will get punished; just keep a watchful eye over your health and don’t make any rash decisions that can cost you.

3. Get strategic in overtime

In an overtime situation, the flag could be a powerful tool to gain the upper hand against an opponent. Sometimes, it may be better to use it as bait against a needy opponent, rather than an objective you sprint towards and capture. Pay attention to the top of your HUD to see if your opponent is capturing the flag and play the situation accordingly.

4. Take a risk in the tiebreaker

The tiebreaker rule is an interesting one; if neither player takes damage and time expires in overtime, both players are killed. Therefore, you may wish to make a move and triumph over the enemy before you both die. But be wary of getting too reckless!

5. Know your maps!

When you enter the Gulag after death, your 1v1 fight can take place on one of three maps:

  • Gulag Showers: Variant 1
  • Gulag Showers: Variant 2
  • Gulag Showers: Variant 3

6. Dominating Gulag Showers: Variant 1

Using a marksman or sniper rifle can be done at an angle by stepping in closer towards the middle area. The amount of open space here can leave you open to enemy fire from multiple angles, so be on guard when stepping out onto this tiled open space.

The middle u-shaped stall is where the overtime flag spawns in and is a hotbed for intense combat. A small ledge that breaks up the stalls can act as a window into the overtime area, allowing you to peek over and see what’s happening inside the stall or in the opposite lane.

7. Controlling Gulag Showers: Variant 2

Both spawn areas are the roomiest of the three variants, allowing for serious combat to take place if one player pushes up all the way into the enemy spawn. If you are caught here, the lone middle stall on either side will be your main source of cover.

As for long-range weapons, their use case is the north and south lanes, which are only partially obstructed by a broken double stall. There is still a solid view from one spawn into the other down this lane, which is great for using that long-range rifle or LMG in your given loadout to quickly end your trip to the Gulag.

8. Ruling Gulag Showers: Variant 3

The fences on the top of the curved stalls do not reach the ceiling, allowing you to lob grenades or other equipment up and over them.

The north and south lanes are fairly straight, so using a weapon with a high-magnification scope can pick off an enemy on the other side of the showers. Between the three lanes there is a good diagonal sightline through the middle of the map where you can also do this.

The overtime flag sits at the dead centre of the map between the stalls. If you reach overtime, it may be a good idea to wait behind the stall opposite of your opponent, then either lob an equipment piece over or pop out to catch them on the objective.

9. Don’t just wait for your turn, get involved

Whilst you are waiting for your match to start you can still get involved in the action.

Whilst walking around the perimeter balcony you can pick-up rocks to throw into the pit at both competitors. Rocks can take 1 HP (Hit Point) off either competitor but will not kill them outright if they have only 1 HP left.

If you have a fellow squad mate this could be the difference between them re-joining the battle or being killed.

10. Practice makes perfect

The rules for the Gulag are essentially the same as Gunfight in Multiplayer, so playing this mode can be an excellent way to train up. However, be aware that the Gulag showers are significantly different than the map named Gulag Showers playable in the 2v2 (and 3v3) Gunfight game mode within the full version of  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

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