Blow for Sainsbury’s Bank customers with huge Nectar points change

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From November 1, credit card holders will no longer earn two points for each £1 spent at the chain’s brands, but rather will get just one point for every £2. This applies to purchases across the supermarket’s brand, including shopping in Sainsbury’s, Argos, Habitat and Tu clothing.

Supermarket bosses said they would be writing to customers to make them aware of the policy change.

David Beard, editor-in-chief of, said changing the popular credit card benefit would be a major blow during the cost of living crisis.

He said: “Loyal Sainsbury’s Bank customers won’t like this change. To revise one of the credit card’s most loved benefits so dramatically in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis could be a harmful move for the bank.

“With so many other credit cards to choose from, I suspect customers might vote with their feet and go elsewhere.

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“Sadly it’s a sign of the times, and consumers will have to get used to this practice of skimpflation, where brands reduce the value of their services to remain profitable.”

Loyal customer Laura, 39, from Stroud, said the change has put her off using the credit card.

She said: “The additional Nectar points were the only reason I chose this credit card over other ones.

“I shop in Sainsbury’s every week and it was a good way to boost my points and get money off my weekly food shop or buy other things with the points.

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“I recently used my saved up points to buy a fan from Argos in the heat wave which was a life saver.

“This change is really drastic and makes me not want to bother with it anymore. It seems like an unfair time to announce this too just as our energy bills go through the roof.

“My card is running out of its zero percent promotion soon, so I’ll simply close my account.”

Twitter user Adam Peck said he was hugely disappointed with the decision from the superstore chain.

He said: “So disappointed in @sainsburys today, announcing that @nectar points on credit card spending will be slashed.

“Talk about hitting people when it’s already hard.”

He said he had shopped with Sainsbury’s for the past eight years but may switch to Tesco and get a Clubcard instead.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “With costs going up, we are working hard to keep prices low.

“We regularly review our offers to ensure we are making the biggest difference to the most customers and are writing to customers to explain that our Sainsbury’s Bank Credit Card points promotion is changing, for new and existing customers.

“While we understand this offer is popular with card holders, we are certain that all customers will continue to find great value and to save money with Sainsbury’s through our low priced food, competitive financial services and affordable Argos and Habitat brands.”

In efforts to tackle food waste, Sainsbury’s is to remove best before dates from 276 of its own brand products, including some fresh fruit and vegetables.

The chain has already removed the best before dates from over 1,500 lines, including bananas, apples, pineapples, pumpkins and indoor plants.

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