‘Bleach is not the way’ How to safely remove stubborn stains from tile and grout

Mrs Hinch shares tips for cleaning tile grout

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Whether it is your kitchen floor or the grout around your shower cubicle, over time the space between your tiles can become discoloured. This is because most grout is made of porous material, which means dirt, debris, soap scum and discoloured water can all soak into it.

This build-up can also encourage the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew, resulting in a stained effect.

Although bleach is known for its ability to cut through stains, a tile contractor has warned against the liquid when it comes to cleaning grout.

Posting to a Reddit forum titled ‘Cleaning Tips’, the user said: “Bleach is not the way to clean tile grout.”

They added: “I keep seeing posts with pictures of tile showers asking for cleaning suggestions, invariably a bunch of people comment with solutions involving bleach.

“Bleach degrades grout.

“The more you use bleach on your tile and grout the more you will need to.”

Experts from Grout Medic also “highly advise” against using both ammonia and bleach to clean grout.

They explain: “Cleaning solutions that contain bleach or ammonia will not only work to erode your grout over time, they will cause your grout to become even dirtier by leaving a film behind, which attracts dirt.”

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How to safely clean grout

There are a number of specialist grout cleaning products which you can buy from DIY shops and supermarkets.

These will be specifically labelled and will have clear instructions on how to safely use them to achieve the best results around your home.

However, baking soda and white vinegar are also often hailed as natural methods for cleaning discoloured grout.

To do this, make a paste using two parts baking soda to one part water, and apply it to your grout using an old toothbrush or a stiff bristle grout brush.

Next, fill a spray bottle with vinegar and spritz it over the bicarbonate of soda mixture.

Use your toothbrush or grout brush to scrub away the dirt.

Finally, rinse you grout thoroughly with fresh water.

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