Bizarre new creatures cooked up by Photoshop geeks – from 'bird baboon' to 'owl tiger'

PICTURES of curious new creatures have been shared online by Photoshop whizzes.

The cleverly edited snaps create hybrid breeds by merging one animal with another, such as a dog with a seal, or an owl with a tiger.

The result in an array of bizarre beasts that look like the result of a lab experiment gone wrong.

Photos were put together by a crack team of editors and shared to the Reddit page r/HybridAnimals.

Some of its top creations include a chameleon blended with a toucan, and a panda melded with an orangutan.

Take a look at some of our favourites below.

1. Armadillo Crab

2. Toucan Chameleon

3. Bird Baboon

4. Zebra Gorilla

5. Golden Retriever Seal

6. Polar Bear Giraffe

7. Orangutang Panda

8. Seahorse T-Rex

9. Whale rhino

10. Penguin Cat

11. Rabbit bird

12. Crocodile Bear

13. Butterfly Elephant

14. Banana Ducks

15. Owl Wolves

16. Horse Seal

17. Marmot Lion

18. Dog Penguin

19. Cat Elephant

20. Chicken snake

21. Magpie Killer Whale

22. Crocodile octopus

23. Snowy Owl Leopard

24. Chameleon Cat

25. Hedgehog Toad

26. Horse hippo

Horse hippo – an animal hybrid cooked up by Photoshop geniuses

27. Cat spider

28. Oreo zebra

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Which hybrid animal is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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