Bizarre moment man stands guard over car parking space and blocks van from pulling in during furious row | The Sun

THIS is the bizarre moment that a man stood guard over an empty parking space in order to stop a van from snatching it.

The confrontation sparked a bout of road rage as the stubborn guard refused to give up the space and hurled abuse at the van driver after letting someone else reverse into the spot.

In footage posted online, the van can be heard honking while the man stands with his back to it, blocking the parking bay in Sydney, Australia.

The shocked driver was subjected to a flood of verbal abuse after a woman in a ute (Australian slang for a type of pickup truck) reversed into the space with the help of her accomplice.

The pair shouted at the van driver and gave him the finger repeatedly before the furious man hops into the driving seat to adjust the car's position.

Defeated, the van shortly drives off to find another parking space after a final "f*** you" from the terrible twosome.

Pedestrians can be seen looking on in bemusement as the clash unfolds.

The video has divided opinion in the community social media page where it was posted.

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One commenter wrote: "Two options dealing with people like that, either block the ute so no one can park or go somewhere else and come back to key the car."

"I would have come back and slashed all his tyres. He can park there permanently until he pays for someone to tow his ute to a tyre shop", said another local.

However, some chimed in on the side of the ute driver and her parking guard, with one saying: "People are so toxic, he's not holding the spot for your average sedan he's probably keeping the spot for the ute to load something onto it."

Another added: "He's seen it first so it’s his spot, first in first served."

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This comes after footage was released of a similar confrontation in California, USA as a woman stood in a parking space to "reserve" it.

Drivers were left furious as the blockage caused a long traffic jam in the car park.

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