Biden says states bear responsibility for COVID resolution, 'The Five' reacts

‘The Five’ react to Biden skirting responsibility on COVID-19 pandemic amid omicron surge

‘The Five’ panel react to Biden saying ‘there is no federal solution’ to COVID-19 pandemic, and calling for states to ramp up their efforts

“The Five” panel reacted Monday to President Biden’s call with governors in which he tried to ricochet some responsibility on COVID-19 to the states.

Tyrus Murdoch said, “Their entire pitch this entire administration is that COVID wasn’t going anywhere and they were going to be prepared. And once again, [it was] fantasy world. The woke administration, they’re not prepared.”

On the Monday call, Biden said that a “federal response” is not the key to combating the COVID-19 pandemic, but requires resolution at the “state level.” Biden pointed to long lines at testing locations over Christmas weekend amid the omicron surge. He said, “Seeing how tough it was for some folks to get a test this weekend shows that we have more work to do.”

Katie Pavlich said she believed the president was skirting responsibility for the pandemic and resorted to “blaming” the governors during the call. 

Biden had said that he would beat the virus during the 2020 elections and reassured that he was prepared to tackle the national crisis. 

Joe Biden in Chicago, Illinois.
(Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The panel also slammed Biden for failing to increase testing availability. 

Biden said Wednesday that he regretted that the idea didn’t come to him to put millions of tests into circulation. However, according to a Vanity Fair report, Biden rejected a proposal in October that would have made circulated free rapid antigen tests for the holiday season when spikes were expected to surge, as well as other overhauls to boost testing availability for Americans. 

City residents wait in a line extending around the block to receive free at-home rapid COVID-19 test kits in Philadelphia, Monday, Dec. 20, 2021. 
(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

In reaction to the report, Biden denied that he rejected the proposal. 

“When are they ever just going to just be accountable and tell us the real [stuff], what is exactly going on instead?,” Tyrus asked. “It’s just more of the same. And Americans are confused, frustrated and rightfully so.”

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