Best time to fill up with fuel revealed… it'll help cut costs at the pump | The Sun

DRIVERS have been left in shock after discovering the best time to fill up with fuel – and it will save them a lot of money.

With the cost of living continuing to rise, millions of Brits are looking to save money on fuel.

And money-saving expert @ndainternet revealed on TikTok that filling up in the middle of the day is more expensive, especially on a hot day.

He said in a TikTok video: "You should fill up in the morning since the volume of diesel varies depending on the temperature outside.

"When the weather is hotter, the fuel expands and takes up more space inside the tank.

"So one litre of fuel is equivalent to less than one litre when you're refilling inside of a high-temperature tank.


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"So, you're basically throwing money away at the pump.”

He advises filling up your tank in the early morning or late evening.

Speaking to the Daily Express, Andrew Marshall, marketing and partnerships manager at Carmoney, said: "With regards to the expanding fuel tip, this holds water as both petrol and diesel expand in hot weather and would take up more space in the tank.

"Topping up when the temperature is lower would give you the most of your tank’s capacity, though the difference would be slight."

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However, he said that the best way to save on fuel is to “keep track of local stations prices and go where the prices are lowest."

It's also worth knowing that maintaining the correct tyre pressure will increase longevity, as well as saving on fuel consumption – which also saves you money. 

And removing unnecessary weight from your vehicle will also maximise fuel economy.

Check the boot for forgotten bags and stow the roof or bike rack away when you’re not using them.

Another tip is parking your car in a garage during the colder months.

This will increase your engine's temperature overnight – meaning you can reduce the time spent warming it up before driving the next day.

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