‘Best thing ever!’: Mrs Hinch fans share ‘excellent’ hack for whitening shower tile grout

Mrs Hinch shares tips for cleaning tile grout

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Cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, is a guru when it comes to all things cleaning related. Sharing unusual cleaning tips and tricks allowed her to rise to fame on Instagram. With more than 4.3 million followers, fans of the cleaning star often share their own product recommendations and tips with one another, including how to clean shower grout.

Posting on Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one woman asked for advice on how to remove the discolouration on her grout next to her shower.

Claire Louise wrote: “The grout in bathroom tiles are very discoloured, so I’m turning to you guys for some much needed advice.”

Grout discolouration can occur for a number of reasons including improper cleaners as well as limescale building.

This discolouration is an accumulation of dirt, food particles, and—in the case of shower tile grout – mould.

Mould can also build-up in tile grout, causing it to turn dark in colour.

Grout needs to be deep cleaned every four to six months to stay looking like new.

Fortunately, Mrs Hinch fans were on hand to offer their top tips when it comes to cleaning shower tile grout.

According to cleaning enthusiasts, all that’s needed is HG Mould Remover.

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Clare Carpenter said: “HG Mould Remover is brilliant.”

Lesley Taylor commented: “HG Mould Remover is excellent.”

Susan McAloon agreed: “Another recommendation for HG Mould Remover, best thing ever!”

Ellie Horn suggested: “I use HG Mould Remover and a sonic scrubber on my bathroom white grout and it came up like new.

Julie Whitaker added: “Spray HG Mould Remover on the grout and leave for a while, then rinse.”

HG Mould Remover can be bought from DIY stores such as B&Q and Wickes for £5.

Other Mrs Hinch fans suggested using bleach to target the grout.

Alex Robertson commented: “Just pour a bottle of bleach over the tiles and leave overnight, that’s what I do and it comes up like new.”

Flossy Oddsocks said: “Bleach and a toothbrush. Works every time.”

Chloe Langtree agreed: “Bleach and a toothbrush.”

Antonia Jones explained: “Get toilet paper and soak it in bleach then place over the dark spots. Totally gets rid.”

Cathryn McQuaide wrote: “Mix bleach with water 50/50 in a spray bottle. Spray on, leave, rinse off and repeat.”

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