Bed experts share how often to wash bedding and pillows to ‘remove germs’

Lynsey Crombie shares how to check if you need new pillows

Most people don’t realise that not cleaning bedding regularly can contribute to allergies, skin breakouts, asthma and more.

Keeping sheets, pillows and bedding clean is more important than people realise. So how often should people be washing their pillows and bedding?

Happy Beds have launched their Bedding Calculator which tells people when to replace their pillows and duvets.

Now, Rex Isap, the CEO at Happy Beds shared just how often Britons should be washing pillows and bedding.


Duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases and top sheets should be washed “at least once every two weeks” for those who wear pyjamas or shower before bed.

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However, homeowners may need to wash their more frequently if they suffer from allergies, have an infection, sleep with no clothes on or go to bed without showering.

Rex said: “You should wash your bedsheets in a hot wash, but check the care label to see the hottest temperature at which you can wash your bedding.

“The hotter you wash your sheets, the more germs are removed, meaning that your bedding will be properly clean and free of germs.

“But to keep your super soft bedding in tip-top condition, refer to the care instructions on your sheets before washing.”

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Studies have shown that a third of the weight of pillows could be due to “dead skin, dust mites and bugs”.

Luckily, regular washing can prevent this from happening. Homeowners should wash their pillows at least every three months on a hot wash “to kill bacteria”, however, they should always remember to check the product’s care guides.

Rex also shared his advice on why it’s important to keep your bedding hygienic through regular washing.

He said: “Sorry to shatter the illusion that your bed is this glorious cosy, fresh place, but your bedding is often filled with sweat, dead skin and dust mites.

“In case you don’t believe us, a study in 2022 saw volunteers swabbing their sheets over four weeks.

“In just four weeks, a pillowcase was found to have 39 times as much bacteria as a pet bowl, whilst sheets have 5.4 times more bacteria than a toothbrush holder. If that doesn’t make your skin crawl, then we don’t know what will.

“As if that’s not horrifying enough, the statistics that show how often people in the UK wash their bedding makes for some alarming reading; another study, 62 percent of single women changed their bedding every two weeks, compared to only 29% of single men and 17 percent of people in relationships.

“Alarmingly, 45 percent of single men only changed their sheets once every three-to-four months. Imagine how much sweat and dirt has accumulated after that long.”

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