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BAYONETTA 3 is coming to Nintendo Switch this autumn and developer Platinum Games have announced a new mode for “Naive Angels”.

The third game in the Bayonetta series was announced in 2017, but we didn’t get our first proper look until September 2021.

However, a new trailer has been released and alongside it information about special editions, and a physical release of the original Bayonetta for Switch.

Platinum Games also revealed a whole new mode alongside the trailer which will be a first for the series – a nudity toggle.

Bayonetta is an ancient witch with the power to summon giant fists, feet, and even demons from her hair.

These are not creatures which merely live within her locks, but deadly weapons made entirely of Bayonetta’s hair.

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Her outfit is also made of hair, and frankly there isn’t enough for both modesty and weaponry.

Everytime Bayonetta attacks with anything other than her guns, she gets increasingly more nude.

When she releases an all out attack, naturally she strips down to the skin.

Platinum Games has announced that it has no intention of making Bayonetta put on more clothes.

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However, in order to widen its audience, or simply to save some people embarrassment, a new mode called ‘Naive Angel Mode’ has been introduced.

Not only does this mode allow Bayonetta to keep her clothes on, even when she whips her hair back and forth, but it covers up some other more-scantily clad characters too.

However, if you want to witness the Umbra Witch in all her sexy, striptease glory, then you can still do so with the mode set to off.

A statement from Platinum says:

“Relax, the witch is back and sexier than ever.

“We've added the revolutionary ‘Naive Angel Mode’ to Bayonetta 3 so more people can fully enjoy it.

“By turning it on, you can play right in the living room without having to worry about what's on screen… we think.”

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The Japanese account isn’t quite as coy. While it delivers the same message it opens with the cheekier “Don’t worry, it’s coming off”, followed by three peach emojis.

Fans have been very positive about the addition and appreciate the opportunity to choose whether the clothes stay on or come off.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF. 

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