Balmoral Castle in pictures: A look at Queen’s Scottish hideaway in heart of Highlands

The Queen’s Scottish residence in pictures

The Royal Family’s beloved Balmoral has been in their possession since the 19th Century.

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Purchased by Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert, Balmoral in Scotland has remained a beloved royal residence for centuries. Throughout her seven-decade reign, the Queen has spent her summers hiking around the Highlands before returning to her beloved main Scottish base of Balmoral Castle. And judging by the pictures of this beautiful Scottish estate, it isn’t hard to see why the Queen and Royal Family return to it every year without fail.

The sprawling castle

Balmoral Castle is said to house more than 50 rooms, in addition to several grand reception rooms.

A panoramic view

This shot of Balmoral’s sprawling estate shows the vast expanse of land the Queen is fortunate enough to call her home in the heart of the Highlands.

The Balmoral countryside

A few months before their wedding, Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer were pictured in the grounds of Balmoral, and some enormous mountains can be spotted in the background.

The secluded castle

Unlike Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, Balmoral Castle is the Queen’s private property and is not part of the Crown Estate.

The River Dee

The Balmoral Estate is located on the River Dee, and the Royal Family are known to enjoy fishing for salmon in the river while in residence.

The Balmoral garden

In 1960, the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Princess Anne and baby Prince Andrew were pictured sitting on a picnic blanket on the grass outside Balmoral Castle.

The Queen Mother’s fishing lodge

With excellent access to the River Dee, the Queen Mother had a fishing lodge located on the Balmoral Estate.

The Queen’s study

In the 1970s, a photo was taken of the Queen hard at work in her Balmoral Castle study with one of her beloved dogs seated underneath her chair.

The Queen’s sitting room

Dressed in traditional tartan, the Queen was pictured with her late husband Prince Philip in their sitting room in the early 2000s waiting to receive the President of Malta.

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