Apple is selling Spotify rival for HALF price – with a bizarre catch

APPLE is vying for some of Spotify's users by launching a new plan that costs half the price.

But it comes with an odd catch – you'll have to let Siri do most of the controls.

The voice-powered assistant is the only way you can choose exactly what you listen to, you can't tap in the app like normal.

So any devices that use Siri, like AirPods, the HomePod and even CarPlay, can take advantage of the Apple Music Voice deal.

At only £4.99/$4.99 a month, it's half the price of Spotify's main individual plan, which comes in at £9.99/$9.99.

Spotify is the world's most popular music streaming app, with a whooping 172million subscribers worldwide.

Apple's latest attempt to lure users is similar to Amazon Music's Single-Device Plan, which allows you to access tunes from only one Echo speaker or Fire TV using Alexa.

Saying, "Hey Siri, start my Apple Music Voice trial,” will give you seven days to test it out.

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Then all you need to do is say "Hey Siri" each time, followed by what you want to listen to.

You can request single tracks, albums, and artists, as well as decades, genres and moods.

And you'll still be able to skip tracks as much as you like, too.

The only things you can do within the app itself is see what you played recently and find recommendations.

Live and on-demand radio is also accessible at a tap.

But search can only be used to see if certain tracks are available – to play them you have to use your voice and Siri.

The new plan is available now in the UK, US and 15 other countries.

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