Apple could REMOVE need for SIM cards entirely, experts claim

APPLE could remove SIM cards entirely from future iPhones, according to the latest rumors and reports.

An anonymous expert has also suggested that Apple will be bringing out eSIM-only smartphones next year.

According to MacRumours, an anonymous tipster told the outlet "that Apple has advised major U.S. carriers to prepare for the launch of eSIM-only smartphones by September 2022."

MacRumours claimed to see a "seemingly legitimate document" outlining the plan.

However, the document didn't actually mention Apple or iPhones specifically.

It's alleged that some US carriers will start offering some phones in the iPhone 13 range without a nano-SIM card in the box.

Users will be able to activate a cellular plan via eSIM.

Some people have to do this already if they buy an iPhone 13 from an Apple Store or

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Brazilian website Blog do iPhone has suggested the iPhone 15 Pro will come without a SIM card slot.

However, it's the iPhone 14 that's expected to launch in 2022.

If the 2022 rumors are true we could be seeing a SIM card-less iPhone much sooner.

Popular Apple leaker @dylandkt is in agreement with the rumors.

He recently retweeted a comment he made back in February which said: "I was able to confirm with sources that Apple will be working to remove the Sim Card Tray sooner than later.

"It won’t happen this year but internally they are testing an undisclosed iPhone model with only esim."

As with all rumors, we need to wait for official word from Apple until anything can be confirmed.

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