Answering your vehicle-related queries

Upsized tyres

Vishal, Mumbai: For my 2017 Honda City, which tyres would be best for city and occasional highway driving: Bridgestone, Michelin or Good Year? Is it advisable to use oversized tyres?

You could upsize the tyres from the Honda City’s original 175/65-R15 to the 185/60-R15s. The increased width will give you better road-holding capability and comfort. You could consider Michelin as it is a good option for city drives with occasional highway use.

Tank up

Rohit Jangid, Alwar: I have recently purchased a new Honda Activa 6G. However, during the lockdown situation, BS-VI fuel is not available at any nearby petrol station in my city. So which fuel would you recommend? Should I use one of the premium fuels available?

BS-VI fuel will soon be available in all areas of the country. However, do not worry about using BS-IV fuel in your BS-VI vehicle as it should not cause any issues. Using premium fuels is purely a matter of personal choice and your scooter will run just fine on regular petrol.

Changing gear

Bharat Malkani, Mumbai: I am impressed with the Honda WR-V’s performance even though it is underpowered. However, living in Mumbai, I am not in favour of using a stick shift. Are there any plans by Honda to bring in an automatic transmission version in the form of a CVT or torque converter, and not an AMT?

It is unlikely that Honda will bring an automatic version of the WR-V, as the model is likely to be replaced with another compact SUV sometime next year. Honda doesn’t favour AMTs and future compact Honda automatics will all have CVTs.

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