‘Amazing’: Mrs Hinch fans share how to use 2p coin to ‘dissolve’ toilet bowl limescale

Cleaning expert demonstrates out to clean your toilet

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Mrs Hinch rose to fame on Instagram and now has more than four million followers. The social media sensation shares more content about her family and house renovation now, and her fans share their own tips on dedicated cleaning pages, including how to remove stubborn toilet limescale.

Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, Nicola Wilkinson wrote: “Help me please! I’m a cleaner and three houses in the same street have very hard water that’s causing limescale. 

“What can I use to get rid of it?”

Limescale is a substance made up of calcium and magnesium, which is left behind when hard water evaporates.

It produces a hard layer of grime which is often hard to remove.

Limescale often builds up inside kettles, pipework, toilets, showers and taps.

It is often easier to prevent limescale than remove it, although Mrs Hinch fans have shared top tips on removing it.

Lynsey Buchan commented: “Wet a 2p and scrape it off.”

Vicky Rayson said: “A 2p on its own is amazing.”

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Jane Goodmans wrote: “Wet a 2p coin, it will dissolve the limescale”

According to the Mrs Hinch fans, the reaction between copper and limescale causes it to dissolve.

Lisa Prince commented: “A 2p works, I did it with mine when I moved into my property.

“Hold it at a slight angle, just rub the limescale build up, like you’re chipping away.”

Jo Ghigo added: “I second this, comes right off.”

Donna Mcintyre wrote: “Wet a 2p and go over the marks, it comes off so easily.”

Other group members recommended using a limescale cleaning spray called Viakal.

Shannon Gal said: “Viakal! Foam it up into a sponge and dab it on so the foam is sitting on the limescale.

“Leave for about 20 minutes and try to scrub it off. If it doesn’t work the first time, keep repeating.”

Vicki Cocrell wrote: “Viakal spray. Pack a load of toilet roll under the rim and round the back and spray lots of it.

“Leave it to work, it’s magic. It doesn’t smell great but it works wonders.” 

Viakal is a cleaning spray which is ideal for removing the toughest of limescale, soap scum and water marks from taps and showers.

The spray is available from major retailers for as little as £1.

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