Alexa glowing red, green, blue and yellow – what does it mean and is she listening?

GOT a glowing Amazon Alexa speaker are you're not sure what's happening?

We reveal all the Amazon Echo colours you might experience, and explain exactly what they mean.

Alexa glowing blue – what does it mean?

Blue is the most common colour for an Alexa speaker, and means she's processing a request.

This means she's picked up your voice and is actively "listening".

She'll only start to do this after she thinks she's heard the wake word "Alexa".

The light also means that audio is being recorded and saved to your Alexa app.

If your Alexa is constantly blue all the time with no breaks between, you've got an issue.

Alexa glowing orange – what does it mean?

An orange glow can mean multiple things.

You'll see it when Alexa is in set-up mode, which happens when you first install the device.

But it also means Alexa is trying (and possible failing) to connect to the internet.

Alexa glowing yellow – what does it mean?

Sometimes Alexa will pulse with a yellow light.

This can mean you have a message or notification waiting for you – which you can ask her about.

You may have also missed a reminder, also triggering the yellow glow.

Alexa glowing red – what does it mean?

If there's a red glow, it means the microphone or camera has been switched off.

This is a physical button on your device that prevents Alexa from picking up any audio.

Simply press the button again to re-activate the microphone and remove the red glow.

Alexa glowing green – what does it mean?

If your Alexa is pulsing green then it means a call is incoming.

This will turn into a spinning green light that indicates your device is on an active call.

Alternatively, it can mean you're on an active Drop In.

Alexa glowing purple – what does it mean?

Purple is simple: it means that Do Not Disturb has been turned on.

To switch it off, simply ask Alexa to turn Do Not Disturb off.

Alexa glowing white – what does it mean?

A white glow means that the volume on your Alexa device is adjusting.

If the light is spinning, then Alexa Guard is turned on and is in Away mode.

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