‘Absolutely nothing can beat it!’ Mrs Hinch fans share natural method to clean windows

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Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie, is a cleaning influencer with over four million Instagram followers. She is so popular that fans have named social media groups and pages in her honour.

One such page has hundreds of thousands of members and many of them regularly share tips and advice to help each other with household tasks.

Yesterday, one member asked the others how to get streak free windows.

They wrote: “Hi, can I ask what you are using to clean your windows internally? I have tried various things and always seem to have streaks!”

Luckily, other cleaning fans had a plethora of answers, but one in particular stood out.

Most people commented that the best way to get rid of streaks on windows is by using natural products, that are usually found around the house.

The most popular of these was using white vinegar.

One person wrote: “White vinegar spray or distilled vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Absolutely nothing can beat it and I clean for a living.”

Others agreed, with one person commenting: “Honestly can’t go wrong with good old-fashioned vinegar and buff up with newspaper. Comes up a treat.”

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Another person recommended adding lemon juice to the mix.

They said: “Water, white distilled vinegar and lemon essential oil works every time.”

Others advised using fairy liquid.

One person said: “Had an ex-boyfriend window cleaner many years ago, he said never use windowlene or any glass cleaner, just fairy liquid!!”

Another cleaning enthusiast wrote: “Really hot water, washing up liquid, white vinegar… squidgee then dry with sheets of newspaper… works every time! Did all mine on Thursday.”

One person said: “Washing up liquid, small amount with a damp cloth. Then shine them up with dry kitchen roll.”

Another Mrs Hinch fan commented: “Washing up liquid then kitchen roll. Wash them when the sun has gone, otherwise they end up with streaks.”

Many members of the page recommended investing in a squeegee to clean windows, while others advised buying a handy cleaning solution.

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Some cleaning solutions mentioned were Method glass cleaner, Dettol spray, and Lidl purple multi-purpose cleaner.

One person said: “I tried everything until I discovered Lidl purple multi-purpose cleaner – small amount in water clean with cloth dry with paper towels – never streaks it’s amazing and really cheap but it’s got to be the purple one.”

Another cleaning enthusiast said: “Elbow grease window cleaner then Kärcher window vacuum. Go around the edge with a microfibre cloth. Super quick and no streaks.”

Interestingly, one person recommended a household product found in your alcohol cupboard. They said: “Neat Gin, I promise, cleans with ease.”

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