10 kitchen upgrades which will ‘boost the value’ of your home – ‘quick and easy’

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According to Checkatrade, it is estimated that homeowners can add up to 10 percent of their home’s value by upgrading the kitchen. However, this can be a big job as well as an expensive one so it’s important to know where to spend money to add the most value. The experts have shared the top 10 ways to update the kitchen to help “boost the value” of the home.

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1. Smart layout

The experts said: “Make the most of the space you have by configuring a well-considered layout, incorporating clever storage and leaving space for the kitchen to be used effectively. 

“All kitchen cabinets and appliances should be fully accessible without doors and drawers crashing into one another.”

2. Upgrade kitchen cabinets

Upgrading kitchen cabinets is one of the “most impactful” elements as it is often the first thing people see.

It is important to make sure they look fresh, clean and stylish.

The experts added: “That doesn’t mean you have to rip them all out and start from scratch. 

“In fact, the shell of most kitchen cabinets are perfectly fine and just need new fronts or fixtures. 

“Sometimes, simply spray painting your existing kitchen cabinets can give them a whole new lease of life.”

3. Make the most of worktops

Along with cabinets, the worktops are often an important part to any kitchen.

There are also a huge range of materials, styles and colours available for worktops.

Checkatrade experts said: “If you need to replace your kitchen worktop, choose one that complements your new kitchen but make sure you spend wisely; quartz or marble worktops can get extremely pricey, so only spend what you can earn back in added value.”

4. Enhance the lighting

Kitchen lighting is often a detail many forget to consider when renovating a kitchen.

However, the experts said it can add a “real wow factor” to the space.

They explained: “Whether you’re hanging pendant lights above a kitchen island or installing under cabinet LED lights, you can add style, function and value with well thought-out kitchen lighting.”

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5. Paint the kitchen

A fresh lick of paint can do wonders for many rooms in the home, including the kitchen.

Choosing the right shade for the kitchen can lift it and make it feel light and airy.

The experts said it also doesn’t have to be kept completely neutral.

They added: “Sometimes in a house that has a lot of light, neutral colours with a dramatic strong shade of paint in the kitchen can create a striking visual effect.”

6. Maximise storage

Storage space is important for many as it can hide clutter which would otherwise make the home look messy.

According to Checkatrade, the more storage space you can fit into the kitchen, the better.

They said: “Nowadays there are some simple but brilliant ways to make the most of awkward spaces, such as pull-out corner units or other folding and sliding storage.”

7. Freshen fixtures

Sometimes it can be the small details which make all the difference, including the fixtures.

This involves swapping cabinet handles, light switches and taps.

The experts said: “Fixtures can help boost the appeal and value of your home.”

8. Update kitchen appliances

Although this may be expensive, it is important that the appliances are modern and energy efficient.

This is especially important for those with integrated appliances as they can be expensive to change if the home was to be sold further down the line.

What’s more, integrated appliances are always popular with potential buyers.

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9. Spruce up the flooring

Checkatrade experts explained: “Installing new flooring is a surefire way to give your kitchen an instant visual boost. 

“Whether you opt for hardwood flooring, floor tiles or vinyl flooring. 

“Top tip: Pick a low maintenance flooring that will offer durability whilst still giving a stylish new look to your kitchen.”

10. Add a striking splash back

Splashbacks can add colour to a kitchen, making it more appealing and homely.

The experts said this is a “quick” and “easy” way to add a noticeable upgrade.

For homeowners not wanting to add a colour, metal or granite ones are also available.

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