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COVID-19 does not pose a threat to the safety of the United States’ blood supply under existing donor screening guidelines, researchers report. For the study, use of ativan in alzheimer’s patients the investigators reviewed the results of tests for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in nearly 18,000 pools of donated blood, representative of over 257,800 single […]

‘Indian offshore model will dominate IT scene for a decade’

Firms in India are ‘pandemic winners’; prices trend lower IT markets are picking up to such a degree that both the U.S. and Europe are running out of critical skills, and with this, offshore and Indian alternatives are increasingly becoming attractive for tech buyers, analysts said. In addition to the skills shortage, the pandemic-induced work-from-home […]

Why oil giants like Chevron and BP are investing in geothermal energy

Miles below the Earth's surface, there's a source of renewable energy that could sustain all of humanity for the foreseeable future. Just 0.1% of Earth's total heat content could meet our energy needs for 2 million years, according to ARPA-E, the government agency that funds R&D efforts for advanced energy technologies. It's called geothermal energy, and […]

Treasury Secretary Yellen hints at rise in rates. What to make of the signal

The prospect of rising rates has spooked investors. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen's Tuesday comments about interest rates potentially having to increase down the road to accommodate resurgent economic growth pressured stocks, but not all market analysts are turning negative just yet. Here's what four of them told CNBC on Tuesday about the former Fed chair's […]

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U.S. data for AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial is under review by independent advisors as Germany, Italy, France and Spain become the latest countries to suspend use of the shot over blood clot fears NIH director Dr Francis Collins said U.S. data from AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine clinical trial is being reviewed by an independent board If […]

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Kaitlyn Romoser first caught covid-19 in March, likely on a trip to Denmark and Sweden, just as the scope of the pandemic was becoming clear. Romoser, who is 23 and a laboratory researcher in College Station, buy strattera au without prescription Texas, tested positive and had a few days of mild, coldlike symptoms. In the […]