Panasonic to end Tesla solar panel production at New York factory

Panasonic will stop making solar panels at Tesla’s New York factory as it pulls back from that market in the US, the company said Wednesday. The Japanese electronics giant said it plans to leave the automaker’s so-called Gigafactory in Buffalo by September after halting US solar manufacturing operations by the end of May. The change […]

What to do if your partner cheats on you financially

44% of Americans admit to financial infidelity against their spouses industry analyst Ted Rossman breaks down the growing number of Americans being financially unfaithful, hiding bank accounts and spending in secret. Remember that old playground tune? “Secrets, secrets are no fun. Secrets, secrets hurt someone.” Applied to financial infidelity, it’s really simple. Just don’t […]

Mortgage rates to get more attractive as 10-year Treasury hits record low

Overpriced housing bad for economy: Investor The Bahnsen Group CIO David Bahnsen and the Capitalist Pig hedge fund manager Jonathan Hoenig discuss the American housing market, Apple’s share price and online retail. Consumers in the market for a home could soon be seeing even lower mortgage rates. Continue Reading Below Concerns about the coronavirus have shaken […]

Stock futures struggle to rebound from equity bloodbath

Dow Jones plummets over 1,900 points in 2 days FOX Business’ Deirdre Bolton says the uncertainty behind coronavirus has caused investors to panic in the market. U.S. equity futures are pointing to a small gain on Wednesday, following two days of massive selling as fears spread that the growing coronavirus outbreak will put the brakes on the global […]

Healius looks to sell GP clinics as Swiss $2.1b takeover bid lands

Healthcare group Healius Limited is weighing up its second takeover bid in just over a year, this time from Swiss private equity firm Partners Group, as it looks to sell off its struggling medical clinic network. The medical imaging and pathology provider, formerly known as Primary Health Care, confirmed after the market closed on Tuesday […]

Is it better to pay off student loans or invest?

Depending on your financial situation, you may not need to prioritize paying off student loan debt before exploring investing. (iStock) The student debt crisis is real. Americans have racked up $1.6 trillion in student loan debt, and it’s keeping many consumers from saving for retirement and investing for the future. Continue Reading Below If you’re […]

Coronavirus to dent 1Q GDP, but US economy in 'good shape': Larry Kudlow

Coronavirus-driven selloff may be a natural reaction: James Freeman Wall Street Journal editorial page assistant editor James Freeman discusses uncertainty in the markets. The spreading coronavirus could have a negative impact on GDP, but prudent action on behalf of the Trump administration is likely to keep the U.S. economy in good shape, National Economic Director […]

Apple, J&J to study if Apple Watch app leads to lower stroke risk

Apple’s innovation leads to its economic success: Expert Neuberger Berman senior research analyst Daniel Flax discusses Apple’s soaring stock value after its questionable performance on Tuesday. (Reuters) – Johnson & Johnson said on Tuesday it would partner with Apple Inc on a study to use an iPhone app and the Apple Watch to study how earlier detection […]

How to apply for student loans — federal and private

The student loan application process varies by loan type.  (iStock) Paying for college is hard. In fact, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, tuition has jumped 31 percent at public institutions since 2006, and the average college student pays between $17,000 and $25,000 per year just to attend school. Continue Reading Below If […]

How to tell if your Amazon Alexa is quietly recording PRIVATE conversations

ALEXA can (and does) record your private conversations at home – and you can listen back to them. Thankfully it's not a nefarious plot to spy on you, but you'll want to check what she's been hearing regardless. Why would Alexa record your private conversations? Last week, we revealed how it's basically impossible to stop […]