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After a devastating year starring COVID-19 and the quick churn out of three miracle vaccines, leisure travel finally seems to be on the agenda again for Americans, (per The New York Times). If we didn’t all live through quarantine, it would almost be hard to fathom that this beloved pastime, which generated as much as […]

The County in Every State With the Most Deaths from COVID-59

Vaccine distribution is well underway across the United States. Still, the novel coronavirus continues to spread and claim American lives. In the past week alone, there were an average of 758 new deaths attributed to the virus every day. Since the first COVID-19-related death was reported in the United States on Feb. 29, 2020, there […]

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The deadlift is one of the gold standard lifts in the gym. It’s pretty simple, really: You load a barbell up with weight, grab it with a shoulder-width grip, plant your feet on the floor and lift. Except newsflash: It doesn’t need to be done only with a barbell. For most average guys and plenty […]

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Our ears are not just organs for hearing; they also sense head motion, coordinate balance and enable us to move safely in different environments. Now, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers have found that a test using commercially available, high-speed video goggles can help diagnose vestibular loss—weakness in the balance mechanism of the inner ear—more effectively. In […]

Movies That Made the Most Money With the Fewest Dollars

“The Sound of Music,” the heart-warming 1965 musical starring Julie Andrews, and “Get Out,” the 2017 horror film written and directed by Jordan Peele, have something in common: They are both among the 75 movies that made the most money with the smallest budgets. High-budget movies often make headlines. The most expensive production ever (thus […]

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If you’re into astrology, you might already know that Scorpios get a bit of a bad rap. Fiercely passionate and stubborn to the hilt, this sign can create conflict, but never without reason (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). Misunderstood by the rest of the zodiac, Scorpios simply care about honesty -– and have a seriously accurate […]

This Is the Fastest-Selling Car in America

Car sales collapsed at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and remained depressed through most of last year. Among the causes were financial uncertainty and the inability of people to go to dealerships. The situation improved late last year, as American car sales began to normalize. The sales of some models, in particular, rose above […]

These Are the Poorest Places in the South

Between June and November of last year, in the heart of the pandemic, the overall percentage of Americans living below the poverty line rose from 9.3% to 11.7% — the highest single-year increase since the government started keeping records — according to a report released in December by financial experts at the University of Notre […]

The gifts that were really responsible for Australia Post’s woes

Make no mistake. There were generous and inappropriate gifts handed out at Australia Post, but they weren’t the Cartier watches awarded to senior executives by Christine Holgate. Instead, they were the Australia Post directorships handed to the federal government’s friends. In a governance sense, making politically motivated board appointments is a recipe for disaster. When […]