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The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a flurry of changes to regulations around telehealth and virtual care – the vast majority of which expire once the public health emergency ends. The current presidential administration and 116th Congress have each signaled their support for virtual care to various degrees over the past year. But neither took decisive, sweeping action […]

'You cannot do everything yourself:' Amwell's CEO hints at buying a mental health startup and shares his simple 2-part criteria for potential acquisitions

Companies that do online healthcare have had a good year thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. But investors are worried that their success will end with vaccines as patients start returning to the doctor's office.  There's pressure on telehealth companies to diversify the services they provide for more staying power.  Amwell's co-CEO Ido Schoenberg said he […]

Trump touts telehealth in coronavirus pandemic fight

Trump: Pence has been adept on healthcare President Trump says he has great confidence in Vice President Mike Pence after studying Indiana’s health care model. Calling it a "historic breakthrough," the Trump administration Tuesday announced an expansion of telehealth services for seniors in an effort to Americancs from visiting doctor’s offices in person and risk […]