NHTSA asks Tesla why it didn't initiate a recall when it pushed safety-related software update

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is asking Tesla to explain why it didn't initiate a recall when it pushed a safety-related software update to customers in September. The software update enabled Tesla cars to better detect flashing, emergency vehicle lights in low light conditions. Previously, NHTSA initiated a probe into Tesla Autopilot over possible […]

Companies are betting on new tech to make the re-opening of offices safe

A core challenge for many companies and property managers is controlling the swathes of people descending on the building. Crowd control will be a test for many companies. Effective ventilation of office space remains paramount for keeping buildings as safe as possible but it can be stretched further. The next time a company accountant is […]

NFL says it would welcome vaccine mandate for players following small Covid outbreak

NFL general counsel Lawrence Ferazani said the league would welcome a vaccine mandate for players. The NFL also said it wants to increase testing for fully vaccinated players to every seven days. There's just over a week left before the National Football League's new season begins, and its already bickering with the players' union over […]

amitriptyline ear pressure

Wearable health technologies are vastly popular with people wanting to improve their physical and mental health. Everything from exercise, sleep patterns, calories consumed and heart rhythms can be tracked by a wearable device. But timely and accurate data is also especially valuable for doctors treating patients with complicated health conditions using virtual care. A new […]

UN experts call for more rules on countries' use of spyware

GENEVA — Human rights experts working with the United Nations on Thursday called on countries to pause the sale and transfer of spyware and other surveillance technology until they set rules governing its use, to ensure it won’t impinge upon human rights. The experts, speaking out in the wake of new Pegasus spyware revelations, expressed […]