Market’s Covid Angst Returns After Weeks of Being Tamped Down

On the first day of a new year, an old enemy resurfaced in markets — virus angst — which sent stocks careening to their worst opening session in five years amid concern about the budding economic recovery. Coronavirus infections climbed above 85 million globally, fueling worries over potentially more stringent restrictions. Boris Johnson imposed a […]

Battered Active Managers See Salvation in Churning Stock Market

After going half-insane watching a tiny cabal of technology megacaps rule stock indexes all year and make their benchmarks almost impossible to catch, active fund managers may be on the verge of liberation. Positive vaccine news is fueling optimism that an economic reopening is no longer a pipe dream. That’s sparking a rotation into a […]

Jim Cramer's week ahead: 'Good riddance' to September

"We're finally kissing the month of September goodbye next week, and I say good riddance," CNBC's Jim Cramer said. "I don't know if October will be much better, but I doubt it could be much worse," the "Mad Money" host said. Cramer delivered his game plan for the week to come. The stock market turned […]

Stock Sound and Fury So Far Failing to Signify This Rally’s Doom

Change is difficult. Ask anyone who watched the straight-up summer stock rally turn chaotic this month. But whether this transition is destined to last remains a point many investors dispute. The S&P 500 just strung together its two worst weeks since March, shattering calm that had largely prevailed for five months. A closer look at […]

Rallying Stock Market Is Forcing Everyone to Become a Believer

From professional investors to market handicappers, it’s becoming next to impossible to stay bearish in the face of the rally in equities. Fund managers who went to cash when the pandemic broke out have been forced back in to stocks, pushing measures of positioning toward historical highs. Wall Street forecasters, some of whom threw up […]

As Apple nears a $2 trillion market valuation, trader is wary of one factor

The big just keep getting bigger. Apple, the largest publicly traded company in the world, is nearing an unprecedented $2 trillion market cap. To cross that threshold, the stock needs to trade as high as $467.77 before its stock splits at the end of the month. It closed just above $458 on Monday. Mark Tepper, […]

The VIX Is Still Flashing Warnings for Stock Bulls on a Rampage

Fear is still rife across volatility markets even as greed powers U.S. stocks anew after their best quarter since 1998, in a historic divergence making life harder for Wall Street speculators. While the S&P 500 Index has rallied a whopping 40% from the March trough, a measure of implied equity swings known as the Cboe […]

No One Can Agree on Where The Stock Market Will Be in Six Months

When it comes to the future of the stock market, investors’ predictions are all over the map. When asked where the S&P 500 Index would end the year, a fifth of respondents to a survey conducted by DataTrek Research said the benchmark will close out 2020 up more than 10% from current levels. That’s roughly […]