In Colorado, Progressives Had A Chance At Real Power. They Let It Go.

John Hickenlooper, a moderate and self-proclaimed pragmatist, sailed through the Colorado Democratic Senate primary on Tuesday without much of a fight from the progressive left. That, progressive advocates say, may be what tanks their best chance this year of gaining another voice and strong support for their agenda in the Senate.  Hickenlooper, the popular former […]

Joe Biden Raises $141 Million, Topping Trump For Second Straight Month

Former Vice President Joe Biden and the Democratic National Committee raised $141 million in June, his campaign announced Wednesday night, topping the total haul of President Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee for the second straight month. Trump and the RNC combined to raise $131 million.  Both campaigns massively improved upon their fundraising from […]

Their Loved Ones Died From Coronavirus. Here’s What They Want You To Know.

Randy Narvaez worked at King Soopers grocery store in Denver, Colorado, before he died in May from the coronavirus. Prior to his death, Narvaez posted on Facebook about how people needed to wear masks when out in public.  “He was super vocal about it, so pissed off that customers coming into the store he felt […]

Lib Dem MP Layla Moran targets rise in BAME board directors

Britain’s top companies will be tasked with hiring more boardroom directors from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds under plans being drawn up by the Liberal Democrats leadership candidate Layla Moran. Announcing the policy in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests around the world, the favourite to replace Jo Swinson as Lib Dem […]

On Parler, The Right-Wing Social Media Site, Free Speech Isn’t Free

  Parler, a social media site marketing itself as an “unbiased” alternative to Twitter, promises users “the right to express your thoughts, opinions and ideals online.” But there’s a catch: If Parler gets sued over something you post online, the company could make you pay its legal fees.  In recent days, several prominent conservatives have […]

Trump Ramps Up Misuse Of The Military For Political Gain

Starting with the chaotic assault on White House protesters, President Donald Trump and his military deputies have spent the past several weeks threatening an outsized military response against anti-fascists, protesters and other groups he perceives as his enemies. And on Thursday, the administration turned those military efforts back to a favorite bogeyman: undocumented immigrants at […]

Trump Has Dismantled More Monuments Than Any Protest

Amid a national uprising for racial justice and a deadly pandemic that’s disproportionately impacting Black, Latinx and Native communities, President Donald Trump is promising lengthy prison sentences for anyone who destroys or dismantles a monument to a slave-owning president or leader of the Confederacy. At a Saturday campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Trump came to […]

Roger Stone Got Leniency Because of Politics, Prosecutor Says

A federal prosecutor told lawmakers Wednesday that Roger Stone “was treated differently because of politics,” leading to a reduction in the recommended sentence for the longtime adviser to President Donald Trump. “Roger Stone was being treated differently from every other defendant,” Aaron Zelinsky told the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. Zelinsky and a second federal […]

Investing In Harm Reduction Must Be Included In The Movement To Defund Police

When police respond to 911 calls about people experiencing homelessness or mental health crises, the results can be lethal. As protests against police brutality continue to grip the nation, cities are beginning to acknowledge that law enforcement isn’t well equipped to handle these cases. Instead, there’s growing momentum not just for defunding police, but for investing […]

The Trump Administration Has Left Workplace Safety Up To Your Boss

As states lift lockdowns, workers called back to their jobs have little recourse if they think their workplace is unsafe.  The Trump administration has encouraged states to terminate unemployment benefits for people who refuse to go back to work. And if workers are worried their employer is creating an unsafe work environment ― by not […]