Mail-In Ballots May Not Be Moving Fast Enough In Key Swing States

The states that could play the biggest role in tipping the presidential election to Donald Trump or Joe Biden have also experienced some of the starkest delays in delivering ballots by mail, according to newly released data from the U.S. Postal Service. The numbers show alarming slowdowns in several major cities and swing states, even […]

Treasury rejects theory ‘eat out to help out’ caused rise in Covid

The Treasury has rejected claims that the “eat out to help out” scheme could have directly caused almost a fifth of new coronavirus case clusters over the summer, after an academic paper concluded the policy might have led to thousands of new cases. The paper, from Thiemo Fetzer, an economist at the University of Warwick, […]

Google document reveals targeted campaign against EU lawmakers, report says

Google did not confirm or deny the existence of the document cited in the FT when asked by CNBC. In simple terms, the EU wants to make tech giants more responsible for the content on their platforms, and to ensure that competitors have a fair chance to succeed against the big firms. Google has said […]

Germany to reform stock option rules in an effort to rival Silicon Valley

Germany will introduce regulatory reforms on stock options to "incentivize start-up investment in our country," finance ministry official Jörg Kukies said Thursday. He added the government is hoping to incentivize international VC funds to set up shop in the country with competitive tax regime and fund laws. Hundreds of European tech entrepreneurs have been calling […]

Facebook Let Trump Launch New Political Ads After Ban Went Into Effect

President Donald Trump’s campaign launched more than a dozen new political ads on Facebook on Tuesday, despite the platform’s ban on such ads in the week leading up to the election. Political ads in the U.S. “must be created and start delivering before October 27,” according to Facebook’s widely touted policy, which was implemented to […]

New retirement bill has perks for seniors, student loan borrowers

A new, bipartisan bill would raise the age for required minimum distributions from accounts like 401(k)s and IRAs to 75, from 72. It would also let workers repaying student loans to get a company 401(k) match even if they're not saving in their workplace plan. The Securing a Strong Retirement Act of 2020 was proposed […]

How a Biden election win could shake up U.S. and Irish economic ties

Joe Biden’s Irish heritage can be traced back to the 1850s, with the Democratic candidate regularly bringing up his ancestry. Ireland’s close to ties to the U.S. have been key in attracting foreign investment but that dynamic could soon shift. DUBLIN — Ballina, a town in County Mayo in the west of Ireland, recently unveiled […]

Kelly Ripa Says Mark Consuelos’ Bulge In Halloween Pic Is No Trick, All Treat

Morning host Kelly Ripa shared photos of Halloweens past ― and the image of husband Mark Consuelos in tight pants scared up some admirers. The “Riverdale” actor dismissed the fuss, but Ripa proudly confirmed that Consuelos is indeed packing down there. In an Instagram posted Friday (click the arrow several times), Consuelos and a pal were […]

Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine triggers immune response among adults

Drugmakers and research centers are scrambling to deliver a safe and effective vaccine in an attempt to bring an end to the coronavirus pandemic that has claimed over 1.15 million lives. The vaccine being developed by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca is thought to be one of the frontrunners to secure regulatory approval. LONDON […]