cymbalta und nebenwirkungen

A study published today in Nature Communications shows that the drug rucaparib has been effective in treating certain types of ovarian cancers if used early in treatment, after a diagnosis, and before the cancer cells build up a resistance to chemotherapy. Rucaparib is in a relatively new class of drugs – Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase or PARP […]

AGTC Abuzz, AMRN Slumps & CORT Soars As Oral Arguments Commence, FLGT Gears Up, NNVC On Watch

Today’s Daily Dose brings you news about Applied Genetic’s upcoming presentation, oral arguments in patent suits of Amarin and Corcept, Fulgent’s partnership with New York City Health and Hospitals, NanoViricides’ update on COVID-19 drug development, and Sunesis Pharma’s reverse stock split, among others. Read on… 1. Applied Genetic Tech To present New data On Sep.9 […]