The collapse of GE’s house of debt was 130 years in the making

Genius, the inventor Thomas Edison once said, is 1 per cent inspiration and 99 per cent perspiration. He might have added: In business, it’s also almost 100 per cent commercialisation. That’s a final lesson for General Electric, the industrial conglomerate Edison helped found that’s being split into three after nearly 130 years — as well […]

The power of Amazon: Electric truck maker valued at $US100b after stunning Wall Street debut

Depending on your perspective, Rivian’s initial public offering, which is valuing the maker of electric trucks at around $US100 billion ($136.5 billion) before it records any significant revenue, is either a perfect encapsulation of how investors focus on the long-term over the short-term, or a sign of the cultish appeal of electric-vehicle companies. For the […]

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Transcranial focused ultrasound can be used to treat degenerative movement disorders, intractable pain, and mental disorders by delivering ultrasound energy to a specific area of the brain without opening the skull. This treatment must be performed with an image-based technology that can locate the brain lesions. Doctors typically use CT to obtain information about a […]

Thousands of UK phone boxes to be protected from closure

BT to be banned from scrapping payphones in areas with poor mobile coverage or high accident rates Last modified on Tue 9 Nov 2021 07.00 EST About 5,000 public phone boxes around the UK will be protected from closure in areas of high accident rates or poor mobile signals, under plans drawn up by Ofcom, […]

Youngkin donated over 40% of his income to charity over 5 years, tax returns show

Glenn Youngkin says Virginia election results sends message from voters Glenn Youngkin, the governor-elect of Virginia, argues that the election results reveal that voters want leadership that will focus on things that will improve lives. Republican Virginia Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin donated tens of millions of dollars, or more than 40% of his income, over the […]

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Public access defibrillators are disproportionately lacking in the most deprived areas of England, which are among the communities at the greatest risk of cardiac arrest, according to new analysis led by the University of Warwick. Using information from ambulances services in England on defibrillators that have been registered with them, researchers have also found that […]