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A significant indicator of whether a patient with rheumatoid arthritis will improve over the course of disease may lie in part in their gut, according to new research from Mayo Clinic's Center for Individualized Medicine. The study, published in Genome Medicine, found that predicting a patient's future rheumatoid arthritis prognosis could be possible by zeroing […]

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Protecting the microbiome may be essential to curbing the spread of harmful, drug-resistant bacteria, suggests a study published today in eLife. Trillions of bacteria inhabit the human body and there is growing evidence that this microbiome is essential to human health. The findings add to this evidence by showing that a healthy microbiome not only […]

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Welcome to Expert insights: from Collaborative and Commercial Microbiome Research Studies Image Credit: Atlantia Clinical Trials This webinar series is brought to you by APC Microbiome Ireland, and Atlantia Clinical Trials. Exciting times ahead as we announce this unique event, accutane zoloft interaction which will offer industry professionals the opportunity to gain insights not found […]

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Studies of the microbiome in the human gut focus mainly on bacteria. Other microbes that are also present in the gut — viruses, protists, archaea, and fungi — have been largely overlooked. New research in mice now points to a significant role for fungi in the intestine — the communities of molds and yeasts known […]

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Microbial forensics refers to the investigation of the use of bioweapon, and the accidental release or natural development of dangerous microorganisms. The term may also include the study of a person’s specific microbiome for means of identification, the location of a crime and the time of death of an individual based on the progress of […]