Mike Bloomberg Drops Out Of Presidential Race, Endorses Joe Biden

After a poor performance in yesterday’s Super Tuesday contests, former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has dropped out of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. “Three months ago, I entered the race for President to defeat Donald Trump,” Bloomberg said in a statement. “Today, I am leaving the race for the same reason: […]

Congress Requests Secret Service Protection For All Presidential Candidates

The House Homeland Security Committee has requested that all presidential candidates receive Secret Service protection, Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.) told reporters Wednesday during a press call organized by former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign. Several animal rights activists rushed the stage and disrupted Biden’s speech in Los Angeles as he celebrated primary wins across the country on […]

Biden Rides Momentum, Dropouts To Big Night On Super Tuesday

Riding a wave of momentum from his big win in South Carolina on Saturday, former Vice President Joe Biden made a remarkable comeback in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination in the Super Tuesday contests. Biden has won at least nine of the fourteen states up for grabs on Tuesday, with the Democratic primary […]

Warren Is Assessing Candidacy After Super Tuesday Rout

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is assessing the future of her candidacy, her campaign manager said Wednesday, after a dismal performance on Super Tuesday stripped her of any path to the nomination. “Last night, we fell short of viability goals and projections and we are disappointed in the results,” Roger Lau said in an all-staff […]

Health Insurance Stocks Rally on Biden Campaign Comeback

Health insurers led U.S. stock market gains Wednesday after Joe Biden’s once-faltering Democratic presidential campaign was reanimated on Super Tuesday. Wall Street looks on a candidacy of the former vice president more favorably than that of Senator Bernie Sanders, who has campaigned on the promise of Medicare-for-all, which poses the greatest threat to private insurers. […]

Joe Biden Bets Big On South Carolina, But Super Tuesday Could Be A Problem

GEORGETOWN, S.C. ― “Today was an important day for me,” former Vice President Joe Biden declared Wednesday at a town hall packed with supporters in South Carolina, a state that is critical to his chances of becoming the Democratic presidential nominee and taking on President Donald Trump in November. Hours earlier, Biden’s longtime friend and […]

Obama Asks TV Stations to Take Down Anti-Biden Ads in His Voice

Former President Barack Obama asked TV stations on Wednesday to stop airing ads featuring his voice over on-screen attacks on former Vice President Joe Biden. The ads, which aim to depress African-American votes in Saturday’s South Carolina Democratic primary, are funded by the pro-Donald Trump super PAC Committee to Defend the President. They began airing […]

Bloomberg Shares Doctored Debate Video To Hide Dismal Performance

Mike Bloomberg flopped during Wednesday night’s Democratic debate, and now he’s accused of playing a shell game with a video clip of the event. On Thursday morning, the billionaire businessman released a deceptively edited video that falsely suggested he rendered the other candidates speechless at one point. The video begins at the moment when the […]