Stocks rise after Big Tech crushes earnings—Five pros on what the numbers mean

Amazon, Google parent Alphabet, Apple and Facebook reported better-than-expected quarterly earnings Thursday. Five pros break down the company earnings and why they don't see the gains ending anytime soon. Howard Ward, CIO of growth equities at GAMCO, applauds Amazon for its long-term focus.  "When you look at Amazon in particular, Amazon is a stock that […]

Amazon Promises to Work With Congress But Isn’t Offering Bezos Inc. sidestepped calls by a congressional antitrust committee for Jeff Bezos to testify amid lawmakers’ allegations that the company hasn’t been forthright with Congress. The e-commerce giant promised cooperation with the House Judiciary Committee’s probe of Amazon’s competitive practices in a Friday letter to the leaders of the panel and its antitrust subcommittee, but […]

An Economist’s Guide to Spending Bezos’s Billions on Climate Change

Jeff Bezos just announced he will commit $10 billion to fight climate change. That’s both a lot, and not much at all. It’s a lot compared with other private climate funding. In fact, it’s more than anyone else is currently spending on climate. By comparison, the Hewlett Foundation, the single largest private climate funder before […]