Is Trump remaking the Republican Party or purging those who cross him?

Trump, Biden hold dueling rallies in last ditch effort to sway voters in Georgia Democratic strategist Robert Patillo and former congressional candidate Catalina Lauf debate whether the president or president-elect had the best message. President Trump’s escalating attacks on the Electoral College results are tearing the Republican Party apart. Now journalists love to proclaim that […]

Why Needham Is Calling for 50% More Upside in This AI Stock Inc. (NYSE: AI) only entered the market in early December, and its stock has seen about a 50% run-up since then. Regardless, and despite Monday’s pullback, one analyst believes that there is more than 50% more upside in the stock. Needham’s Jack Andrews has initiated coverage of with a Buy rating and a […]

This Is the Fastest Growing State in America

New U.S. Census Bureau data allows the 2020 population by state to be compared with 2010. Over the decade, based on each year’s population as of July 1, America’s total population rose 6.5% to 329,484,123. It was one of the slowest 10-year paces since the bureau began to collect data. Mississippi, New York, Vermont, Connecticut, […]

COVID-19: This Is The State Where The Most People Have Been Vaccinated

CDC data show that, as of New Year’s Eve, approximately 12.4 million doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines had been distributed across America. Of these only 2.8 million had been administered. The totals are a moving target. They are based on accurate, or inaccurate, reporting delays, which may be by a day or more, […]

This Is The Worst Run State In America

State governments are constitutionally granted the power to control taxes, make and enforce laws, and regulate commerce within their borders. With these tools, state governments across the country are ultimately responsible for keeping safe streets, balancing the budget, and promoting economic vitality. Some states have proven to be more adept than others at achieving these […]

Facebook says it is assisting ‘Fortnite’ developer with anti-Apple lawsuit

Fortnite’s Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple is an effort to make it fairer for developers: Expert Professional esports and streaming consultant Rod Breslau explains the motive behind Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple, saying they have a chance of winning. Facebook’s conflict with Apple is escalating into a battle royale — and the social network is […]

What is SolarWinds? A look at the hacked software company in crosshairs

Commerce Secretary Ross: We’re taking the cyber hack ‘very seriously’ Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says there will be more revelations ‘soon’ regarding the cyber hack backed by a foreign government on the U.S. Treasury Department and an agency within the Commerce Department. Austin, Texas-based SolarWinds is at the forefront of one of the largest hacking […]

Toyota's Mirai is great but it's not the answer to PM's ban on petrol cars

IT’S called the Mirai, which is Japanese for future. But it might as well be Mirage. Fuel cell cars have been hovering on the horizon for decades. Yet maybe Toyota has built a car to bring them within reach. That’s potentially a zero-carbon future of silent electric cars that don’t take an age to recharge. […]

Swalwell suggests Trump is behind blockbuster Axios report

Tucker: How Chinese spies gained access to Washington elites ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host looks at how China successfully subverted America’s leadership class Rep. Eric Swalwell suggested Tuesday that President Trump was behind Axios' bombshell report revealing that he was one of several politicians who was entangled with someone suspected to be a Chinese spy.  Axios reported […]