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A detailed analysis of the burden of osteoporosis in eight Eurasian countries has found that osteoporosis is a significant and growing health problem in the region that will escalate in the future due to expected demographic changes. The authors of the Audit report carried out a review of the available literature and a survey of […]

US home prices increase 4% in April

Home prices up 4 percent in April; does strong housing report indicate possible boom? With mortgage rates lowering should investors look for boom in the real estate market? WASHINGTON — U.S. home prices gains accelerated in April even as sales have stumbled, a sign the coronavirus outbreak has had little impact on real estate values. Continue […]

Tesla plans to increase production capacity in China

Nikola explains its move to go public, competing with Tesla Nikola Motors CEO Trevor Milton talks about his company going public, how WeWork affected the company’s decision to do so and how Nikola is focused on Tesla remains its biggest competitor. Tesla is ramping up its production capacity at Gigafactory Shanghai to manufacture 250,000 cars a year. […]

Low interest rates increase housing wealth inequality, RBA research finds

Low interest rates increase housing wealth inequality, research by the Reserve Bank has found, as governor Philip Lowe signals interest rates could remain low for decades. Using three decades of house price data between 1990 and 2019, the research found housing prices in more expensive areas are more sensitive to changes in interest rates than […]