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Even as the U.S. prepares to roll out a covid-19 vaccine to elementary school-aged kids, its efforts to inoculate teenagers — who have been eligible for the shot since May — continue to meet with a lackluster response. So far, about half of kids 12 to 17 are fully vaccinated in the U.S., compared with […]

How A Spending Bill Without The Hyde Amendment Could Reshape Abortion Access

For the first time since the Hyde Amendment was introduced in 1976, the House advanced a spending bill without it this week, opening up the possibility of affordable abortion care for millions more people.  A subcommittee in the Democrat-controlled chamber voted Monday to move President Joe Biden’s spending bill for the Department of Health and […]

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Black Americans’ covid-19 vaccination rates are still lagging months into the nation's campaign, while Hispanics are closing the gap and Native Americans show the highest rates overall, according to federal data obtained by KHN. The data, provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in response to a public records request, ampicillin treat gives […]

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Before the pandemic, Colorado looked set to become the second state to pass what's known as a "public option" health insurance plan, which would have forced hospitals that lawmakers said were raking in obscene profits to accept lower payments. But when covid-19 struck, legislators hit pause. Now, after a year of much public lionizing of […]

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A recent study by the University of Eastern Finland shows that loneliness among middle-aged men is associated with an increased risk of cancer. According to the researchers, taking account of loneliness and social relationships should thus be an important part of comprehensive health care and disease prevention. The findings were published in Psychiatry Research. It […]

India's Covid-19 cases are rising again. One state is getting hit especially hard

India's infection cases have been rising since mid-February, but fatality rate remains relatively low. There are more than 580,000 total active cases in India, or about 4.78% of all positive cases, according to the health ministry's daily update on Thursday. Five states — Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Chhattisgarh and Punjab — account for 78.9% of all […]

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Brandon Dell'Orto listened to the comments and complaints as the school board meeting dragged on hour after hour. Many parents were angry. Their kids were sad, bored, borderline depressed, fed up with a school model that didn't allow them to be on campus every day. The parents wanted schools open. They demanded it. Dell'Orto, a […]

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Tim Dupin thought — or at least hoped — that Missouri firefighters, paramedics and other emergency medical services personnel would be among the first to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. After months of feeling overlooked by elected leaders in the distribution of safety equipment and other resources, surely, Dupin thought, their role on the front […]

There’s An Important Win On Health Care Tucked Into The COVID-19 Relief Bill

A provision tucked into the pandemic relief package that Congress passed Monday could go a long way toward ending one of the most notorious and exploitative practices of American health care. The provision would create a new law designed to stop “surprise bills,” which are the charges people with health insurance get because, unknowingly, they received medical […]

Sen. Thom Tillis Staffer Sums Up The GOP Stance On Health Insurance: Like Buying A Shirt

A staffer for Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) may have weakened his boss’ already shaky political fortunes when he made one of Washington’s worst political gaffes: telling the truth. The staff member in Tillis’ Washington office had been called by Bev Veals, one of the senator’s North Carolina constituents and a three-time cancer survivor worried about […]