Kamala Harris' science video mishap latest sign of chaos in vice president's office

‘The Five’ rip Kamala Harris’ science video for kids amid absence on border crisis The panelists break down the Vice President’s agenda while skipping border meeting in Mexico. Vice President Kamala Harris’ widely panned science video is the latest mishap in what has been a chaotic first year for the vice president’s office. Harris was […]

Cawthorn calls on Harris to invoke 25th Amendment and remove Biden as president over Afghanistan crisis

Capitol Hill ‘on fire’ scrambling evacuate Americans in Afghanistan Fox News congressional correspondent Chad Pegram gives the latest with the effort to evacuate Americans from Afghanistan on ‘America’s Newsroom’ North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn, a freshman Republican congressman, is calling on Vice President Kamala Harris to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove President Biden from […]

Harris snaps at question about border trip delay: 'It's not my first trip'

VP Harris tours El Paso Border Patrol Station Vice President Kamala Harris arrived in Texas on Friday for a long-awaited border visit, and she snapped at a question about why it had taken her so long to visit after more than 90 days since she was appointed to lead the effort to tackle the causes […]

Tucker Carlson: Kamala Harris' plan for the border crisis is bribery

Tucker: Rule of law has been suspended on the border ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host says Biden’s aid is encouraging illegal migration Joe Biden may have lost a step, but his handlers work fast. Within hours of the inauguration in January, Biden’s White House opened America’s borders to the world — not simply to job seekers […]

Kamala Harris' Mexico, Guatemala visit: Everything you need to know

Eric Shawn: Can Vice President Harris help stop the migrant flow? Live video of suspected migrants as the VP heads to Guatemala and Mexico City to address the influx Vice President Kamala Harris on Sunday will leave for a two-day trip to Mexico and Guatemala as part of her efforts to lead diplomatic talks to […]